Self-Paced Timeline. 2

  • I got the self-pace package, did nothing.

  • Period: to

    Self-Paced myself with the homework package.

  • I did nothing.

  • I tired to work, but didnt know what to do.

  • Asked the teacher for help on self- pace package.

  • I did nothing.

  • I read the pages 50-55 in textbook for self-pace package.

  • I tired to answer some questions

  • I did nothing.

  • Read pages 56-71 in textbook and did questions in the hoemwork package.

  • I did nothing.

  • Ask teacher for help for page 4.

  • Finished the self pace-package.

  • I did nothing.

  • Looked over my homework self-pace package.

  • Gave in my self-pace package to teacher.