Timeline created by Alejandrobuet
  • Was born

    She was born in Texas (U.S.A) in 1992.
  • She acted in his first movie

    She acted in her first movie “Spy Kids” in 2005
  • Became famous

    She became famous in 2007.
  • She started

    She started singing career in 2009
  • She won a price

    In 2017 she won the Billboard Music Prize for the best singer.
  • Period: to

    She has lived

    She has lived with her mother since her parents got divorced in 1997
  • Period: to

    She has worked

    She has worked in Disney Channel for 5 years.
  • Period: to

    She has won

    She has won several awards as a singer since 2009
  • Period: to

    She has collaborated

    She has collaborated in many UNICEF compaigns in 2010 up to the present
  • Period: to

    She has more

    She has more than 120 millions followers up to the present.