scotts historical events in canada

  • Canada 1543-1700

    -In 1543,Jacques Cartier claimed the territory for the king of France
    -in 1604 ,samuel De champlain arrived and stayed
  • Canada 1763-1775

    in 1763 ,Ottawa warrior,pontiac,led a group of warriors and interior tradepostes in a desperate bid to hold backeuropean expan
    -in 1774, the quebec act restored frenchcivil law, while maintaining british criminal lawand guranteeing religious freedom for roman catholics
  • Canada 1791-1798

    • The huge influx of loyalists chaned the makeup of Quebec's population.sir Guy careton, who originally brought in the Quebec act in 1774 to accommodate the french, now had to consider the substantial numbers of british colonists
    • officails hoped the residents of lower canada would witness the prosperity of upper canada and be inspired to join british-style rule.
  • Canada 1798-1810

    -1798, Conlony of ST.John's island renamed to prince edward island.
    -1809, Labrador coast annexed to newfoundland.
  • Canada 1818-1825

    -1818 Boundary between Canada and the united states estalised at 49th parallel from lake of the woods to the rockies;Oregon territory created, to be jointly.
    -1820Colony of cape breton annexed to nova scotia.
    -1825 treaty between britain and russia defines border between alaska and british nroth america.
  • Canada 1849-1862

    -government passed the rebellion losses bill that would compenstae lower canadians for land lost during the rebellion of 1837.
    -1849-border between canada and u.s., which ran along the 49th parallel, was extended to the pacific.
    Boundary changes:
    1858 british established the mainland colony of british columbia.
    -1859 british jurisdiction established over "north west territory"
    - 1862 stickeen territory created.
  • Canada 1862-1867

    in the 1860's colonists in British north america became concerned that the united states would try to take over all of north america.
    -Fears were worsened because the british has supported the southern confederacy in the us civil war.
    on the 1st of july,1867, the provinces of nova scotia, new brunswick,ontarioand quebec were united as the dominion of canada.
    Boundary Changes:
    -1867 confederation: the dominion of canada is created by uniting the province of new brunswick nova scotia and canada
  • canada 1867-18173

    -Canada' 1st prime minister, john A. macDonald, purchased rupert land in the red river area of rupert land were not consulted about the deal
    -1871, British columbia agreed to join canada after the federl government promised a transcontinental railroad to make over trade easier with the east.
    boundary changes
    -1870 manitoba established as the 5th canadian province.
    -1871britishecolumbia is added to canada
    -1873 Prince edward island becomes 7th province
  • Canada 1882-1895

    -1885-Te Canadian Pacific Railway was completed.
    -louis Riel was founded guilty of treason and executed in november, 1885
    -the manitoba government had replaced the dual catholic and protestant system with a single protestant system which was totally against the agreement of 1870.
    -1893-the national couuncil of women of canada is formed to improve the conditions of female prisoners,
    -1895 Districts of keewatin and Athabaska are enlared. four new district arecreated in the north west territories
  • canada 1895-1905

    -in 1896 wilfred laurier was voted prim minister and and came up with a solution to the manitoba schools Qeustion
    -1901-the frist transalantic radio signal was recived in st jhon's,newfoundland
    boundary changes
    -1897 several dictrictboundaries are slighty changed.
    -1905 district of keewatin restored to the renamed "north west territories"
  • canada 1907-1912

    1907-National council of women of canada wanted 'equal pay for equal work'.
    Tensions arose between canada and britain after britain sided with the u.s. ina 1903 dispute over the canada-alaska boarder.
    Boundary changes
    1912 manitoba, ontario and Quebec expand northward. the colony of newfoundland disputes Quebec's eatern boundary.
  • canada 1999

    canada added a new territroy called Nunavut. it makes 1/5 of canada with a population of 27.000 ruoghly 85% are inuit.
    border dispute currently:
    -han island inpopulated islr roughly the size of a football field situated in the kennedy channel between greenland and ellesmere isl;and was recently the subject of dipute between denmark and canada.
    -northwest passege dispute: while canada claims sovereignty over the northern waters, the U.S. considers the route to be through international waters.
  • canada 1912-1977

    -as part of the british empire, when britain declared war on gremany and austro-Hungary in 1914, canada was automatically involved.
    -in 1918, canadian women were granted the right to vote
    -1920,women became eligeble to sit in the house of commons
    boundary changes
    1925 -canadian boundaries are extened to the north pole
    1949 newfoundland joins canada as the 10th province
    -19977 canada claims all offshore waters within 200 nautical miles (370) off the coast.