Scince Timeline

  • Willia Pen Sves Trees

    Willia Pen Sves Trees
    William Penn made a law that for every 5 trees that were cut down 1 one saved.This saved 20% of the trees in america from being cut down.
  • Yellow Stone National Park

    Yellow Stone National Park
    Yellowstone national park is the first national park in the world to be created. This National Park is in part of Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho. Most of it is in Wyoming(around 96%)
  • The Burton Act

    The Burton Act
    This made Nigras falls a tourists site instead of a bissness sight. Niagara Falls is now a very popular tourists site. People all over the world visits Nigras falls now
  • Heavy Smog in LA

    Heavy Smog in LA
    Heavy Smog caused schools to get out early because it was a safety hazard. This saved many lives and rased awareness in Las Angles
  • NASA's Warning

    NASA's Warning
    NASA noticed that the earth is being poluted and something called global warming was happening. This helped us make plans for the future and such as recycling plans
  • General Motors promise

    General Motors promise
    General Motors president Edward Cole said he would make non polutintcars by at least 1980. Non pollutant cars will take out a big chunk of global warming and make the world a better place. We need non pollutant cars and this is giving other companies ideas.
  • Died for a tree

    Died for a tree
    David Chain was killed by a tree felled by foresters while protesting in a forest to protect. He was a brave man who shouldn’t have died. People protest more to get that biasness shut down.
  • Inviormentalist

    From a pedestrian poll 76% of Americans clamed that they are environmentalist. We most likely grew to a bigger percentage and more people help the inviorment. This means at least 76% of Americans want to help the earth.
  • Kyoto. Japan helping earth

    Kyoto. Japan helping earth
    Kyoto pledges to use less gas and pollutant products that cause global warming. Kyoto made a big promise that they really are trying to keep that helped the whole earth with global warming
  • Massachusetts vs. EPA

    Massachusetts vs. EPA
    Massachusetts files suit against the EPA for not establishing greenhouse gas requirements in the state. The EPA was token to justice and learned their lesson. Other companies Like the EPA tried not to make the same mistake.