Science Sleuths Art Heist Simulation Enrichment 7P3

  • Period: to

    Original job

    Bruce meets Cameron and hires him for an art heist, he pays him $8,000 dollars up front, in cash.
  • Period: to

    Chickened out

    Cameron thinks the job is too risky and pays Matt Caven to do it for him. Matt asks if he can bring an associate to help him, who we later find out is Jim O'Reilly.
  • Planning

    Matt Caven, Matt's girlfriend, and Jim O'reilly visit the museum and find out where the art, the cameras, and other stuff are.
  • The heist

    Matt Caven and Jim O'Reilly arrive at the museum. Bill buzzes them in, and they knock out the officers. They cut the paintings out and run.
  • Charlie and Bill are discovered

    The cleaning team discovers Bill and Charlie tied up in the basement. They have duct tape over their mouths.
  • Evidence is collected

    Police collect the evidence at the scene, including the duct tape that was on the security officers, fingerprints at the scene, some blue fibers, and a cigarette butt.
  • Day one of investigation

    On the first day after the crime they find some suspects and wittnesses of this crime. To start it off they found some finger prints that they had analyzed. Second, they search through some of the secrurity cameras which all seemed to be empty or just black. Lastly, the first interveiw to start off this crime was with Georgette Wilkins who is the curator of the museum which the art had been stolen from. Also, she was not sure of exactally what had happened.
  • Day two of investigation

    On day two of this investigation Cameron Judd is one of their suspects. More fingerprints had been found in various places. Next, they had gotten a call which said to take a look at Bruce Clark. Also, another caller had called and said Georgette Wilkins did it. Later, they had found that Janie was the one that made this call and in the interveiw with her she said she had only done that because people had blamed her father. Lastly, they found the knife marks and a cigarette at the crime scene.
  • Last day of investigation

    On the last day of this investigation they decide to check earlier footage from the video cameras. A lady and two men were found visiting this museum more than enough and some signs of things that normal people waking around an art museum wouldn't do. Then, they finally decided to interview Cameron Judd and it concluded everything.
  • Conclusion

    Bruce had set this whole thing up and originally highered Cameron Judd but he bailed out and highered Matt Caven. Matt Caven used a partner who was Jim O'reilly and the lady was the girlfriend they were staying with.