School Nutrition Program Timeline

By Liv2023
  • 1946 - National School Lunch Act

    1946 - National School Lunch Act
    This program was created by President Truman to make sure students have the nutrition they need to be healthy adults.
  • Milk Program

    Milk Program
    This program was originally in Chicago in 1940. It made milk available to economically disadvantaged children at a reduced cost.
  • Summer Lunch Program

    Summer Lunch Program
    This provides children with healthy lunches in the summer.
  • Child and Adult Care Food Program

    Child and Adult Care Food Program
    Provides healthy snacks and meals to adults in non-profit facilities and to children in afterschool programs, emergency shelters, and other non-profit facilities.
  • Breakfast Program

    This provides healthy breakfasts to students at a reduced price or free based on their family income.
  • Department of Defense Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Program

    This provides fresh produce to schools and military bases.
  • Let's Move

    This provides information to parents, encourages students to be physically active, and ensures that they have healthy food that is affordable.
  • Hunger-Free Kids Act

    This encourages good nutrition in schools and childcare centers by providing additional funding and raising standards for student meals.