School Nutrition

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  • Milk Program

    Began in Chicago in 1940. Was made part of the Child Nutrition Act in 1960. Provided needy children with a low price pint of whole milk.
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    School Nutrition Programs

  • Free and Reduced Lunch Program

    The National School Lunch Act began in 1946. Provides students with a lunch for free or at a reduced price. Based on family income.
  • Summer Food Service Program

    Offers students the option of having a healthy meal in the summer whether they go to summer school or not. Today, the SFSP is the largest federal resource available for local sponsors who want to combine a child nutrition program with a summer activity program.
  • Breakfast Program

    Began as a pilot project and was made permanent in 1975. Provides students with a healthy breakfast at a free or reduced price. Based on family income.
  • Let's Move! Program

    Let's Move! is a comprehensive initiative, launched in 2010, dedicated to solving the challenge of childhood obesity. Let's Move! offers parents helpful information and fosters environments that support healthy choices. It focuses on providing healthier foods in schools, ensuring that every family has access to healthy, affordable food, and helping kids become more physically active.
  • Hunger-Free Kids Act

    President Obama reauthorized the Hunger-Free Kids Act. This act provides more funding for school lunch programs. It also supports more fresh fruits and vegetables in the cafeteria. It also raises nutritional standards in child care facilities. It allows for the USDA to raise quality standards for school breakfasts and lunches. It encourages the farm-to-school program and for schools to plant gardens.