Neil Armstongs Life

  • The Strong of Arm

    Records show a william armstong settling in Fermanagh, where by 1690 there were no fewer than 25 differnt armstongs fome the year of 1630. Militia muster rolls For Ulster from the year 1630 indcate that 38 Armstong men (six named William) reported for duty.
  • Adam Armstong

    Adam Armstong
    Adam Armstrong, born in the borderlands in the year 1638 and died ithere in 1696. Represents Generation No.1. Coming ten gerations before the austonaut, Adam Armstong is the great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great paternal grandfather of the first man on the moon.
  • Neils Bday

    thsi was the day that the man who made history was born
  • Birth of June Louise Armstonge

    Neil was almost 3 , june Louise Armstong was born in Warren, Ohio; a year and a half later, on February 22,1935 Dean Alan Armstong Arrived in Jefferson.
  • Wapakoneta airport

    It was at the Wapakoneta airport that young neil first witnessed the darker side of flying .On the after noon of july 26, 1947, twenty-year-old flying student and wolrd war 2 navy veteran Frederick Carl Lange Stuck a Power line and crashed.
  • X-1

    On October 14, 1947, one month after Armstrong started at purdue University , and air force pilot-- one with whom Armstrong would later fly broke through the mythical '' sound barriour'' . the name was captain Charles E. 'Chuck" Yeager, and teh revolutionary airplane he piloted byeond Mach 1 was the rocket-powered Bell X-1
  • Class 5-49x

    Training continued with a mile long swi in the bases olympic size pool Midshipman thompson remebers, i was not mluch of a swimmer byond a basic doggy paddle . but deil was a strong swimmer. about ten laps or so into it neil literally swam riht over me and i sank we all compmleted athe mile but some of us just barely
  • clas 5-49

    six days after completing pre-flight trainging lcass of 5-49 moved to whiting field for a stage a of flight training the largest of nas pensacola's auxiliarty airfields, whiting consisted of north and south airfileds.
  • Fate is the Hunter

    following breifing in the ready room, armstong suited up for what was to be his seventh combat mission since arriveing in the korean theater.
  • The research piilot

    Armstongs contact with the navy expired three years from teh time he strted his flight training. That meant he should have been free to return to the college in Feburary 1952. However,Figher Squadron 51 was still in combat :my options were wither to extend my time in the service or swim home",
  • The worst lost

    On aperil 13 1959 Neil and karen armstrong had a daughter born april,13 1957
  • New nine.

    Back on Apreil 2, 1959 teh newborn Nasa had been taken by suprise by the public sensation surrounding the announcement of the original seven astonauts in teh ballroom of washing tones dally masdison hotel, near teh white house
  • Training days

    On aperil 12, 1961 not yet fully three months into JFK's term, the Soviet Union stunned the world by achieving another pace first. Just as it had back in 1957.Neil does remember wondering what Congress would do. "because the president can proclaim, but its the congress that makes things happen. so thats really where the question was. As it turned out, congress was motivated to support the president in this area, which im not sure i necessarily would have guess at that point.
  • Parazev Work

    By this time bikle had athorized their parasev work in part due to a 1961 nasa objective to evelp parawing prtoypes as a possible landing system for the gemini and Apollo spacecraft fabrication of the parasev moved to Dryden's Shops where simple light aircraft fabrication techniques led to funcional prototype in a matter of weeks.
  • Nellis affair

    armstong did not spend a single day in his office at edwards from wednesday, may 9 to his return from seattle on june 4.
  • Wingless on Luna

    the officals announced that a concept knon as lunar orbit redezvous wouldbe americe sway to the moon.
  • At the Edge of Space

    Flight in a rocket-equipped vverson of the lock head f 104a the episode providing the stiring conclusion to wolfe's provocative account of early days of the space age.
  • The Astronauts's Wife

    The Astronauts's Wife
    On Wendsay April 13,1966, three weeks after his townfolk had nercoulsy sat around thier tv sets and radios well past their regular bedtimes awating news of theri boy's splash down in the pacific. The litte Ohio bug played host to 15,000 attendees of the "Blast Off" a gala homecoming in neeil;s honor.
  • For all America

    Armstong served as a CapCom in Houston . This time the docking worked , as a commander John Young nestled his machine to a solid hook up with a brand-new agena.
  • Out of the Ashes

    the accident occurred in teh twilight of what had been gorgeous Friday, January 27,1967. between 6:31 P.M and 6:32 Est, a fire flashed through the Apollo Block i command module as it sat atop its upright satunr IB rocket .
  • Televsipn Transmission

    It was midafternoon, Monday, December 23, 1968, just following the crew's live television transmission of a grainy yet very reconizable view of the Earth from over 200,000 miles away, or more than four fifths of the way to the Moon . In Houston's Mission Control, A new shift of flight contollers, The so called Maroon Team Under Flight Director Milton L. Windler, was perparing for the spacefcraft to reach the critical point in its trajectory where the astronauts coulld inser their spacecraft
  • Amiable strangers

    just following the crew's live television transmission of a grainy yet very recognizable view of the earth from 200,000 miles away.
  • First out

    Dr. George E.Mueeler , NASA's associate administrator for manned space flight, told a number of people, including some reproters, that Aldrin would be the first out on Apollo.
  • OutWardbound

    just nine days before the launch of teh luna 15 and thirteen days before the liftoff of apollo 11
  • The Launch

    The Launch
    Nearly thousands of policemen stat tropers ect were at the Launch to sell tickets for $1.50. Two thousand reporters watched the launch from kennedy space center press ste. There were about eight hundred and twelve forein contires, 11 from japan to watch this lauch.
  • Neil aremstrong's wife worries

    His wife worrired that her husban would naught make it back from the moon and that he would get blown up at the launch.
  • The landing

    the instant humanity relized that safe and suecessful had occured.
  • One Small step

    Neil armstrong and the Crew of the apollo 11 made U.S. history .
  • Return to Earth

    The Astraunouts had to fill out a customes fourm . they landed in the pacific ocean .
  • Standing Ground

    Armstong was also involved in a few benovlent casues at the national level. From 1975 to 1977 , he cochaired , with Jimmy Doo little, teh Charles A. Linbergh Memorial Fund, which by the fiftieth anniversary of Lidbergh's historic flight.