SAP Compliance Automation Pilot

  • Period: to

    SAP Compliance Automation Pilot

    The March term start is March 15th; data will be automated and ready for dashboard reporting on March 22nd.
  • SAP Status & Performance Dashboard Design

    The dates reflects the completion date for all activities. The Dashboard design for all 3 target areas is complete as of 1/11/12.
  • Dashboard Review and Sign-off by Exec Team and Compliance

    Jan 11th - Jan. 20th
  • Externships/Independent Study Status & Perf Dashboard Design

    The dashboards for all 3 Major Compliance Target Areas are complete as of 1/11/12.
  • Create SAP Document Templates & Activities in CVue

    January 11 - 27th
  • Create Doc Types/Queues (Workflow) Auto Indexing in ImageNow

    Jan 11th - Jan. 27th
  • SAP Process Review and Documentation (Aquiles/Shirley H)

    Jan 11th - Jan 27th
    This process documenation is critical for the IN workflow design.
  • SAP BR Createion and Approval

    Jan 11 - Feb. 7th
  • Begin SAP Status & Perf Dashboard Development

    Feb 8th - March 6th
  • Update the IN/CVue Integration Script with new doc types

    Jan 28th - Feb 14th (Development Resource)
  • Complete SAP Dashboards Development

    Feb 8th - March 6th
  • QA/UAT Testing ImageNow, CVue and Integrtation

    Feb 15th - March 7th
  • Training Materials Development

    Jan 27th - March 7th
  • Training for SAP Pilot Campus

    March 12th - 14th
  • SAP Dashboards QA/UAT Testing

    March 7th - 20th
  • SAP Dashboardsin Production (March Cycle)

    Final Activity for Pilot