samuel hutcherson civil war timeline

  • fort sumter

    confederates fight for there fort
  • start of the war

    the southern states become conderates
  • manassas

    the confederates and union clashed at manassas and the confederates had another victory
  • fredericksburg

    lee called for renforcments and so he could attack th union soldiers
  • gettysburg

    this one of the bloodiest battles, it was a turning poing in the civil war
  • presidents speech

    lincoln had a speec after the war of gettysburgh
  • elction

    lincoln was re-elected
  • appomattox

    Robert E. Lee surrenders to the union to end the war
  • end of war

    lee surrenders after the last battle
  • assonation

    lincoln was shot in the back of the head while he was at a play