013 rwanda genocide crosses in kigali

Rwanda Genocide

  • Period: to


  • United Nations

    United Nations defines genocide and passes a resolution that delares it a crime unde the international law.
  • Tutsi monarchy

    Tutsi monarchy is abolished
  • independence

    Rwanda gains its independence.
  • bloodeless coup

    Juvehai Habyarimana takes control of Rwanda in a bloodless coup.
  • RPF

    The Rwandan Patriotc Front is created
  • economy

    Rwanda's economy is effected negativley because of the coffee inconvenience.
  • Invasion

    The RPF invade Rwanda, starting a civil war.
  • Hutu

    Hutu exterminists begin killing their political exponets.
  • Massacre at Gikondo

    hundreds of Tutsi are killed in the Pallottine Missonary Catholic church. since the killers were only going for the Tutsi it was a clear sign that the genocide was occuring.
  • Massacre at the church

    Massacre at the Nyarubuye Roman church- Thousands of Tutsi are killed, by grenades and guns, then by machetes and clubs.
  • The Kibuye Massacre

    About 12,000 Tutsi are killed after sheltering at the Gatwaro stadium in Gitesi. Another 50,000 are killed in the hills of Bisesero. More are killed in the town's hospital and church.
  • April 18-29

    April 18-29
    About 25,000 people, mostly Tutsi, flee to Tanzania
  • RPF takes control

    RPF takes control
    The RPF takes control of the presidential palace.
  • French

    French establish a safe zone in the Southwest corner of Rwanda.