1939 lincoln sunshine special

Events we did in History class

By jgregg
  • Namiba

    65000 Herect
    10000 Nama died
  • Period: to


  • Armenia Genocide

    Turkey wanted a new country
  • Period: to

    United Nations

  • China Genocide

    USA bomb Japan to make them leave China a lone.
  • Japanes & Naning Genocide

    Japanes attaked the Naning
  • Period: to


  • Serbia Genocide

    Ethnic groups were targeted in this Genocide
  • Katyn Massacre

    Started around the beging of WWII
  • Native American Genocide

    The American holucast
  • End of WWII

  • Period: to

    Rosenberg Trial

    The Trial of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg for being soviet spyes
  • Period: to

    Cold War

  • North Korea Genocide

    They used the prisoners for marchal arts parcatice.
  • Potsdam Conference

    Germany officially partitioned into four zones of occupancy. Those four zones are the French, British, US, USSR.
  • Truman Became President

    He created the Truman Doctrine and the Marshall Plan
  • Stalin speech

    capitalism and the communism are incompatible
  • Chuchill Speach

    He separated the east and west part of Europe
  • Period: to

    Indochina War

    French Vs the Hochi Minh
  • The Atomic Energy Commision

  • The Truman Loyalty order

  • Period: to

    Korean War

  • Period: to

    Israeli And Palestinian Conflict

  • Indochina war becomes conventional

    This is also when the Dien Bien Phu battle happened.
  • Jibet Genocide

    The chinese were responsible
  • Mao Zedong

    This was a great leap forward, caused a cultural revolution, and the People's Republic of China took control.
  • The Soviets exploded their own Atomic Bomb

  • Klaus Fuchs was arrested

  • Hary Gold was arrested

  • David Greenglass was arrested

  • Julius Rosenberg was arrested

  • Ethel Rosenberg was arrested

  • McCarran Internal Security Act

  • Trial

    the trial for the Rosenbergs and Morton
  • UN permanent HQ

    The HQ was compleated in New York City.
  • Eisenhower

    He predicted and stoped the Domino Theory and he made atoms for peace
  • Geneva Confrence

    Geneva Confrence
    The 17th Parallel
  • UN - st time all 51 members met

    This was the first time all the original 51 members met in San Fransico
  • KGB

    The KGB is the Soviets secret police

    SEATO is southeast Asians version of NATO
  • Period: to

    Vietnam War

  • Cambodia Genocide

    The cambodians were over worked, starved and executed
  • Angola Genocide

    The US sent money to help, Cuba and South Africa sent troops.
  • Guatemal Genocide

    The dictator in charge was Senera Lucar Garcia
  • Kurds Genocide

    Suddam Hussein was the leader
  • Ukraine Genocide

    7 Million people were killed
  • USSR Genocide

    Stalin was the leader
  • Boshia Genocide

    The US and Germany created this Genocide
  • Rwanda Genocide

    The Hurun were kiling the Tutsi
  • Congo Genocide

    No contry could do much for this Genocide
  • Gujarat Genocide

    This Genocide could happen again
  • Darfur Genocide

    The goverment was kiklling thier own people.