Genocide In Rwanda

By DMT100
  • New Law In Play

    New Law In Play
    This is the year when the Belgians made a rule that said that all the two tribes Hutu's and the Tutis's members had to have a idetifacation card that clearfied what group they were in, this was a bad law made by the Belgians cause conflict came later cause massive killings of the Tusi's. The Belgian government is the core control of most of the African's Countries.
  • Begin of the Genocide in Rwanda

    Begin of the Genocide in Rwanda
    On April 7, 1944 was the day the president of Rwanda was signing the peace treat between two tribes, the Tutsi's and the Hutu's. while he was signing the treaty he was killed and that started the whole genocided process in Rwanda. The war broke out between the two groups and UN started to get involved in it.
  • Gikondo

    This massacre was the first sign that told people that this was a bloody massacre, the Tutis army went to Gikondo where a Pallotine Missionary Catholic Church was located and many Tutis's were only targetted.This was the sign that there was a Genocide occuring in that country. Many more deaths came along later in this time line.
  • Governmanet Seperated Power

    Governmanet Seperated Power
    On this day the Belgium Government decides that both groups hutu's and the tutis's can both run for power in the government state and at this point this was a very bad decision because the hutu's hates all the tutis's. The hutu's wants all the power to themselve they didn't want any body having competition with them to run for power.
  • Roman Catholic church

    Roman Catholic church
    From april 14-15 the Hutu army went to a roman catholic church and killed thousands of Tutsi's and the hutu first threw many gernades at the catholic church and then theyuse their guns and killed many people. This was the second event that showed that there was a genocide in the country of Rwanda, this country had many more massacres.
  • The Kibuye Massacre

    The Kibuye Massacre
    On this day an estimate of 12,000 Tutsi people were killed at the shelter of Gatewaro stadium in Gitesi and another 50,000 Tutsi people were killed at the hills of Bisesero. Then the hutu's went to many more churches and Hospitals and killed many more Tutsi members. This was the 18th day of killing in the Genocide of Rwanda.
  • RPF

    On this day the RPF finally takes control of Rwanda, they decided that their offense was finally stable to be able to go and help the Tutsi's. When RPF finally took over the Hutu's did fight back but didn't win over the massive army of the RPF
  • Monarchy of the Tusi's

    Monarchy of the Tusi's
    On this day the Government who is now in charg are the Hutu's and their leader and governmant wants to get rid of all the Tusi's, the abolishment was just the begining of getting rid of the Tusi's. The reason why they wanted to get rid of the Tusi's was the Hutu's wanted the country Rwanda to their self so they had no competion in ruleing the country.
  • Rwanda Gain's Independence

    Rwanda Gain's Independence
    This day is an important day that Rwanda gained their own independence, there lived three tribes the Tutis, Hutu and the Twa. they all lived in peace and a law came in place that their indetifications were tagged saying what tribe they were. If they didn't have their taggs they had to deal with court. The taggs were stamps on their passports.
  • RPF invades

    RPF invades
    On this day the RPF (Rwandian Patrotic Front) invaded Rwanda and this started the Civial War between Rwanda, this one of their major wars that first started in this contry of Rwanda, many people died but the Rwanda held their positions and won and after the war the countries had to rebuild a lot of their government.
  • The Begin of Political Conflicts

    The Begin of Political Conflicts
    The day after the president was killed the Hutu's began to kill their political opponents which were mainly the Tutis, this is the second day of the killing of the Tutis, many tutis were terrified about all tjhis conflict, many try to fight back but it was useless, many didn't survive from standing up against the Hutu's because they soon or later was killed.
  • Massive Massacre Continues

    Massive Massacre Continues
    On this day about 250,000 Tutsi members try to flee to Tanzania, the Tutsi's had no will to fight back they worried more about their own safty and the saddest thing during this massacre is that the people that are killing them are neighbors or friend or even work mates. The Hutu's wanted everything in that country to themselves.
  • Safe Spot

    Safe Spot
    The French finally made a safe spot for Tutsi Refuges that was willing to travel to southwestern corner of Rwanda and this was a big relief for many Tutsi members but the problem was gettin gthere alive took a lot of guts and many people did make it and many died from taking this risky travel to safty, the place they were going to was a camp.
  • The End

    The End
    About one million Hutu members fled to whats now called democratci Republic of congo and the Hutu's couldn't fight back at the RPF because they were much more powerfull and they began to retake over the country and thats what happened in the middle of july, the RPF took over the country of Rwanda and the massacre finally ends.