Christian Vandeloos Human Rights Timeline Period 3

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    Christian's Timeline Period 3

  • Armenian Massacre

    Armenian Massacre
    The Ottomans used Medz Yeghern in what is now modern day Turkey. Meds Yeghern was an act of genocide againts the Armenian population including ablebodied males after making them do forced labor. Women, elderly people, and children were deported on a death march to the Syrian Desert.
  • German Holocaust

    German Holocaust
    German Nazis Hated Jews. They killed millions of them by gas and other ways at concentration camps in Germany and other Countries owned by Germans
  • Rape of Nanijing

    Rape of Nanijing
    This "rape" was a mass murder in Nanjing. This Genocide, as some people clasify it because 250,000-300,000 people were killed. There were no accurate details of approximently due to the japenese military records because they were destroyed or kep secret by the Japenese government.
  • Soviet Purges

    Soviet Purges
    During the late 1930's the Soviet Union underwent a widespread action of represtion. Some examples of their repression was in religion, surpressed research, censorship of images as well as censorship of the press.
  • South African Apartheid

    South African Apartheid
    developed during WW 2, the th minority (British) controlled the majority (South Africans). Apartheid was a system of racial segregation enforced through legislation. Nelson Mandela's campaigns and hard work to helped the most to end the Aparthied
  • My Lai Massacre

    My Lai Massacre
    300 women, children, and elderly killled by American soldiers in the Vietnam War.
  • Missing people under Juan Peron in Argentina

    Missing people under Juan Peron in Argentina
    total of 9,089-30000 activists, militants, trade unionists, students, journalists marxists, peronist guerillas and alleged empathizers killled/dissapeared during Juan Peron's dictatorship.
  • Uganda under Idi Amin

    Uganda under Idi Amin
    Amin was known as "Butcher of Uganda." 100,000 were either killed, tortured, or imprisoned. He wanted to be in power at all costs
  • Chile under Augusto Pinochet

    Chile under Augusto Pinochet
    Augusto Pinochet's military easily took control of Chile in less than a week after becoming dictator. The military raided, executioned, arrested and tortured thousands of Chilean citizens in order to establish an environment of intimidation and fear. By doing so, Pinochet led Chile under full control.
  • Pol Pot and Khmer Rouge

    Pol Pot and Khmer Rouge
    25% of the population was killed approxmently 2,000,000 people were killed due to many reasons, one reason is starvation they were not fed adequate food. Another example is that they were over worked and then finally executed. Pol Pot wanted to ethnically cleanse Cambodia.
  • Sierra Leone and the child soldiers

    Sierra Leone and the child soldiers
    In Sierra Leone children were recruited to organizations such as the Revolutionary United Front, the Armed Forces Revolutionary Council,and the pro-government Civil Defense Forces.It wasn't uncommon for these children to be forced to join, drugged, forced to murder, and sometimes even brainwashed.
  • Rwanada Genocide

    Rwanada Genocide
    The Hutu and the Tootsi were tribes who had a longstanding tention. Tutsi refugees in a rebel group named the Rwandan Patriotic Front invaded Rwanda trying to take down the Hutu government. This cause the Rwandan Civil War which lead to the murder of 500,000-1,000,000 people.
  • Genocide in Bosnia & Herzegovina

    Genocide in Bosnia & Herzegovina
    There were 25,000 deaths in this Genocide. This was commited by Bosnian Serb Forces. This genocide was actually an ethnic cleansing campaign, which unlawful confinement was issued on civils, which included murder, rape, beating, robbery, and inhumane treatment of civilians. The United States decalred the actions by the Bosnian Serb Forces "Genocidal"
  • Genocide in Bosnia & Herzegovina ends

    Genocide in Bosnia & Herzegovina ends
  • Iraq under Saddam Hussein

    Iraq under Saddamn Hussein had a "Pax Ba'athist" which meant that they were prosperous and that they had high econmic growth. The muslims in Iraq had a hatred for Jews and Catholics and it steadly grew, so the Muslims tried to commit Genocide against the Jews and Catholics. In the 1990's Economic depression worsened and by the turn of the 21st century, their economy grew and eventually became prosporous.
  • Dafur Conflict

    Dafur Conflict
    This Conflict was a gurriella type conflict, which meant that it was hit and run warfare, in which people would hide and then come out attack the enemy, then retreat back into hiding. This was also known as the Dafur Genocide, because of 700,000 people died during this conflict due to disease, combat, or starvation. There were rebels who were rebelling against the Dafur government.
  • Dafur Conflict Ends

    Dafur Conflict Ends