Genocide in Rwanda

By bcballn
  • The Hutu Rebellion

    The Hutu Rebellion
    videoThe Genocide started when the Tutsis were in control of the government along with the Belgins when they were colonizeing Rwanda. Hutu's didn't want the Tutsis to be in control of the government even though they were peaceful. The Hutu's were not. The Hutu's felt like it was unfair how they decided who would be in control.
  • Period: to

    Genocide in Rwanda

    The fighting of two cultures, the Hutu's and the Tutsis.
  • A new constitution

    A new constitution
    The main problem in Rwanda was that the Hutus felt it was unfair that when the Europeans left, they left the Tutsis in charge. Even though the Tutsis were calm, fair people, the Hutu's didn't agree that they should be the only ones allowed to run the country. Therfore a new constitution was thought of for the Hutu's to be allowed to run.
  • Radio broadcasting

    Radio broadcasting
    Radio towers were being built in Rwanda for the Hutu's to quickly spread information across the country. Most messages sent through the radio broadcasting were hateful and discriminating. They were mainly controlled by the Hutu rebel army. This was one of the only ways they could communicate because they don't have many phones.
  • The government positions were open to both.

    The government positions were open to both.
    On this day it was agreed that the Tutsis's were not the only ones who could run for a government position. Therfore it was thought that it was even. Most Hutu's were okay with the oppertunity of being able to become a government official. They made it seem peaceful between the two political party's.
  • The Hutu's first stike.

    The Hutu's first stike.
    The year following the peace treaty between the Hutu's and the Tutsis's, the Hutu's mark the new president, President Juvénal Habyarimana, as they're first innocent victom. They shot his plane right out of the sky. The President was a Tutsis but wanted Peace between the two.
  • The massacre begins

    The massacre begins
    videoOn this date the Hutu's extreamest began kill the life's of innocent people, just solely because they were Tutsis. The Hutu's were normal people dressed in normal clothes. Most of the Hutu's didn't even have guns. They were killing people by mauling them with machetes.
  • Massacre at Gikondo

    Massacre at Gikondo
    Hundreds of Tutsis were killed in the Pallottine Missionary Catholic Church. Sence the killers were killing only the tutsi, it was clear that the Hutus were starting a Genocide. The Hutus in the church were not killed. This was the first clear sign that there was a genocide occuring.
  • Another massacre

    Another massacre
    In the second mass murduring of the genocide, the Massacre at the Nyarubuye Roman Catholic Church. The people were burtutaly murdered and mauled by grenades and guns first then clubs, maces, machete, etc. Thousands of Tutsis were killed in this massacre.
  • Fleeing

    During the chaos going on the people were looking for a way out and they had a very hard time getting themselfs and theyre friends, family out of the hostile invironment. Approximately 250,000 people, mostly Tutsi, flee to neighboring Tanzania. They take what they can in bags and through them over their shoulder and walked miles to try to get away.
  • safe zone

    safe zone
    the overallThe French establish a safe zone in the southwest corner of Rwanda. The French were the first besides the UN ( the United Nations) to try and help the innocent tutsi people. This "safe zone" was hard to get to though for some people. Most were killed while walking on the streets towards it by Hutu's on the side of the road. If they weren't killed, some were torchured.
  • PEACE!

    The Rwanda Genocide ends when the RPF gains control of the country. The country finialy comes to peace after all this time of fighting each other, over 1 million people were killed, and many others injured. The RPF slowly trys, to this day, to have complete control and make sure fair things are happing.