Genocides of the 20th Century

By brig
  • Congo Genocide

    Congo Genocide
    King Leopold ll, with the help of a Brtish Explorer (Henry Morton Stanley) created a colony of his own in Congo. Stanley decieved many illiterate African Cheifs into giving their land to Leopald. It was Leopald's greed for wealth that lead to the genocide in Congo during the Rubber boom. With forced slave labour, rape, and torture to the Congolese people.
  • World War l

  • Armenian Genocide

    Leading up to the geniocide Three Young Turks; Mehmed Talaat, Ismail Enver and Ahmed Djemal raised to dictorial powers and wanted to create a new Turkish empire with one language and one religion. It was a systematic killing of the Armeninans, starting with the educated being jailed, tortured and killed. Most of the Armeninan men were worked or starved to death and the women, elders and children participated in death marches where they were tortured, starved or shot.
  • Ukranian Genocide

    Ukranian Genocide
    More commonly reffered to as the Ukranian Famine or Holodomor. This genocide was caused by Joseph Stalin who was trying to demolish the Ukrain nationalism and in order to do so raised the production quotas by an impossible to achieve 44%. He also put into effect that anyone trying to take even a bite to eat from the fields to be punished, took food from the homes of the farmers and set up blockades around the village to prevent delivery of food. This led to mass starvation of the people.
  • Rape of Nanking

    The Japanese Imperial Army entered China's capital and killed half of the popualtion living there (300, 000 people) after a battle between Chinese and Japanese forcees in Shanghai. The massacre began with the remaining Chinese soldiers who had surrended because they were unworthy of life in the Japanese eyes, they were killed with great brutality. Focus was then on the women (all ages and pregnant) of Nanking who were sexually abused in the worst ways. Some were forced to dig thier own graves.
  • Holocaust

    The Holocaust was the most organized and efficient genocide and is the most recognized world wide. It was caused by an irrational and very strong hate for Jews that was sparked by Adolf Hitler who lead the Nazi's in the destruction of the Jewish people and many others in order to create a pure Aryan race. Concentration camps were the main cause of death in this genocide, with gas chambers, overworking, poor living conditions and malnutrition being the main causes.
  • World War ll

  • Nazi Leaders Court Case

    Nazi Leaders Court Case
    The International Military tribunal chargd 22 Nazi leaders. The charges included crimes against peace, war crimes, crimes against humanity and conspiracy. This was the first time the International Military Tribunal was used to bring justice to national leaders.
  • Creation of International Genocide Convention

    Creation of International Genocide Convention
    Raphael Lemkin was a man very insistenet on making Genocide heard about. The final text was adopted on December 9th and The United Nations Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of Genocide came into effect on January 12th 1951.
  • Cambodian Genocide

    The genocide was lead by a Communist party called the Khmer Rouge whos figure head was Pol Pot. The goal was to cleanse Cambodia of Vietnamese, Chinese, Muslim and Buddhist Monks by killing, starving or relocating thier populations. There was a total of approximatley 1.7 million people killed during this genocide.
  • Iraq Genocide

    Iraq Genocide
    The Anfal campaign was led by Saddam Hussien's cousin Ali Hasan al-Majid and was a direct attack against the Kurdish people. Forces including chemical warfare, deportation and arial bombing on Kurdish villages after they were declared "forbidden zones".
  • Bosnian Genocide

    Bosnian Genocide
    It was a Serbian led campaign of ethnic cleansing in which thousands of Bosnian Muslims were loaded onto livestock trains and shipped off to concentration camps.
  • Rwandan Genocide

    Rwandan Genocide
    The Rwandan genocide was one of the most violent genocides of the 20th century, taking place over only 100 days and killing 800, 000 Tutsis by the Hutus. The genocide spurred for the killing of the Hutu president. The weapon of choice was machetes.
  • US Signs Genocide Convention

    US Signs Genocide Convention
    President Ronald Reagan signs the Genocide Convention.
  • Darfur Genocide

    Darfur Genocide
    This was an attack on Black Sudanese people by the Janjaweed. The attack included rape, torture, starvation, destruction of villages, displacement and of course murder.