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Genocides of the 20th and 21st Century

By noctixz
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    Genocides that took place during the 20th and 21st Century
  • Armenian Genocide

    Armenian Genocide
    The Ottoman Empire started a systematic killing directed mainly towards the Armenians but many Greeks and Assyrians were also mixed into the killings. The Ottoman used mass burnings, drowning innocent people in capsized boats, deportations, death marches and many other methods to execute the armenian population. Approximately 1.8 million people were massacred.
  • Ukrainian Famine

    Ukrainian Famine
    Throughout the 1932 to 1933 Stalin, The Soviet Unions leader closed the borders of Ukraine. He took what little food they already had away from them, and began a systematic famine. This was to attack the Ukrainian nationalism that the Ukrainian people held. Stalin wanted the Ukrainians to fall under his reign therefore attacking their morale and nationalism was completely necessary for him. But due to his actions genocide was committed and over 6 to 8 million people were starved to death.
  • The Rape of Nanjing

    During the Second Sino-Japanese War, The Japanese Imperial Army invaded China's capital at the time, Nanjing. On december 13th of 1937 the Japanese Army breached the city walls. The next six weeks were hell for the citizens of Nanjing. Rape, torture, mutilation, execution, and mass murders were committed with no mercy. Over 300,000 were killed and over 80,000 women were raped.
  • Nazi Germany's Holocaust

    Nazi Germany's Holocaust
    Hidden behind the Shadows of the Second World War. The Nazi's of Germany were able to conduct enormous war crimes without anyone knowning until it was too late. Adolf HItler lead Germany to become a superior race calling themselves the "Aryan Race". He wanted racial purity in his country. HItler wanted to dispose his country of the crippled, the homosexuals, different political groups and most importantly the Jews. Over 6 million Jewish people were massacred all over Europe.
  • The Cambodian Genocide

    The Cambodian Genocide
    The Khmer Rouge with Pol Pot as it's leader wanted a Cambodia with racial purity. They wanted a country where only cambodians existed. Thus they began to execute all who had no cambodian background or those who were not pure cambodian. Chinese, Vietnamese, buddhist munks, muslims were all rounded up and sent to the killing fields. anyone who stood up against their decisions were killed. over 1.7 million people were killed regardless of age, gender or ethnicity.
  • Iraq

  • The Rwandan Genocide

    The Rwandan Genocide
    Canadian general Romeo Dallaire was incharge of the United Nations force located in Rwanda. Rwanda had been at war for a while now and with the peace treaty just signed it seemed as if everything was head for the good side. Little did the world know that over 800,000 people would be killed here in little less than 100 days. With little men, little to no supplies and no support Romeo Dallaire stood by and watched people slaughter and be slaughtered.
  • The Bosnian Genocide

    On 1999 Ther Bosnian Serbs set out to rid their country of the Bosnian Muslims. Over 200,000 people were killed 12,000 of which were innocent children. Over 50,000 women were raped. The Serbs used propaganda to its utmost efficiency. There werte times when they would broadcast the soldiers giving gifts to the people and after the cameras were turned ff a massacre would begin.
  • Darfur Crisis

    Darfur Crisis
    The Sudanese government has been accused time and time again for committing genocide against the black Africans of Sudan. THe Janjaweed more well known to the locals as the "evil men on horse back". The Sudanese government secretly supplies the Janjaweed with firearms and supplies. Many claim the death toll to be in the high 400,000 and more than 2.7 million have been forced from their homes.