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Dem. Rep. of the Congo Genocide Project

  • Genocide in Rwanda

    After former president Habyarimana was assassinated, Hutu extremists took over the government, blamed the Tutsis and began killing them. In 100 days, 800,000 Tutsis and Hutu moderates were murdured. Millions more fled into the DRC along with Hutu extremists.
  • Rwanda and Uganda Invade

    Rwanda and Uganda invade the DRC to destroy Hutu extremist militia camps who have been leading attacks against the Tutsis in Rwanda.
  • Kinshasa seized by anti-Mobutu rebels

    Rebels who were against Mobutu and who were backed by Rwanda, attacked and seized control of the capital of Kinshasa. They then installed Laurent Kabila as president. The country was then renamed to the DRC again.
  • Rwanda invades the DRC Again

    After President Kabila closed ties with Rwanda, Rwanda invaded again. Several other countries including Zimbabwe, Angola, and Namibia who allied with the D.R.C. and Burundi and Uganda for Rwanda. they fought to gain control over natural resources.
  • Cease-fire is signed

    A cease-fire agreement was made and signed but was ineffective because fighting never stopped as both sides violated the accord.
  • President Kabila is assassinated

    Kabila was assassinated shortly after the failed cease-fire agreement. He was succeeded by his son Joseph Kabila.
  • 50,000 displaced by CNDP clash with UN-backed army

    50,000 people were displaced when a fight between CNDP rebels and the army in North Kivu that was backed by the United Nations.
  • Mixage process fails

    The reintegration of Nkunda's forces into the national army fails and leads to renewed violence in the province of North Kivu.
  • Peace treaty between government and 25 armed forces broken

    The peace treaty that had been signed 5 days before was broken when CNDP AND PARECO forces clash.
  • More violent clashes erupt between DRC troops and CNDP rebels

    The eastern provinces of the DRC were the place of more violen clashes between the Congolese army and CNDP rebels.
  • Goma attacked by Nkunda's forces

    CNDP forces attack and capture several strategic areas in and aroud the provincial capital of Goma. Government troops begin looting and attacking civilians and thousands were forced to leave.
  • LRA Begins Massacre in DRC

    Joseph Kony and LRA soldiers begin massacres against Congolese civilians in two of the eastern provinces
  • Nkunda arrested

    After being pursued through North Kivu in the DRC, Laurent Nkunda was arrested in Rwanda by Congolese and Rwandan troops.
  • FDLR soldiers kill civilians in retaliation to joint operations

    100 civilians were killed by FDLR members in retaliation to a join operation by the DRC-Rwandan militaries to expel the FDLR from the DRC.
  • FDLR attacks villages

    FDLR forces attacked dozens of villages in the eastern portion of the DRC. They torched the villages and also raped and killed the villagers.