Rwandan genocide

Genocide in Rwanda

  • Germany conlonizes Rwanda

    Germany conlonizes Rwanda
    WebsiteIn early 1890, the Germans colonize much of central Africa. Unlike later colonialist rulers, with about 2,500 soldiers in East Africa, Germany did not do much to change social structures in Rwanda. The Hutu were the “upper class”, out of the three groups. They were also the racist group too. When the Germans colonized Rwanda they wanted to support the Hutu’s, but they actually ended up weakening them.
  • Everyone is put into different groups

    Everyone is put into different groups
    VideoWebsiteThe Belgians made three different groups. They were the Tutsi, Hutu, and Twa. They all had a classifying card that said what group they were in. About 85% of the people are Hutu, 14% are Tutsi, and about 1% are Twa. Rwanda is getting divided by an ethnic division. Because of this division, about 1 million people had been killed in almost less than 3 months.
  • The Hutu's begin to rebel against the Tutsi

    The Hutu's begin to rebel against the Tutsi
    VideoWebsiteThe President Habyarimana, a Hutu, was in a plane that was shot down and he was killed. Right after that happened the Hutu began to want to destroy the Tutsis. After all of the violence started, there were people being killed in their own house. Women would get rapped and sometimes a whole family at a time would get murdered.
  • Rwanda gains Independence

    Rwanda gains Independence
    WebsiteRwanda gained their independence from Belgium in 1962. The Europeans eventually left the state. Then the Hutus were able to get their power back. Soon the Hutus wanted to get revenge from the Tutsis. There were nearly 200,000 Tutsis killed. A while later, after they made an army named the Rwandese Patriotic Front, the Hutus decided to share some power with the Tutsis.
  • Burundi Genocide

    Burundi Genocide
    WebsiteBecause a Hutu was selfish and had rebelled against something, it caused 12,000 Tutsi deaths. The Burundi government wanted to get revenge on the Hutu for killing all of the innocent Tutsi. They ended up killing about 100,000 Hutu. Those killings had left a huge mark in the history of the Hutu.
  • President Habyarimana killed

    President Habyarimana killed
    WebsiteThe president's plane was shot down, and the Tutsi people were blamed for it. His Burundi counterpart, Cyprien Ntaryamira, was also in the plane with him. He was also killed. Their plane had been bombed twice. People believe that his death is what started the Genocide. Who ever bombed the plane should have felt awful, because he caused about 800,000 peoples lives to be taken.
  • Period: to

    800,000 People where killed, mostly Tutsi.

    VideoWebsiteIn the east-central African nation, the people of the Hutu where the ones who murdered the people. This began when the President died. Its was called 100 days of Slaughter. It was an awful thing. Thousands of people died on the first day. The Hutu were selfish people and they had no heart.
  • Racial ID cards

    Racial ID cards
    WebsiteRacial ID cards was one of the biggest thing to have if you wanted to slow down the 100 days of killing. It also identified the ethnic group, and that is what made it racial. If you were African American you would be treated differently than an American. These cards could have cost people their lives.
  • Period: to

    Worst massacre of the Genocide in Rwanda

    WebsiteThousands of the people tried to escape and hide in churches, school and hospitals. That was not good idea. One of the worst killings happened at a Roman Catholic Church. The Mayor, a Hutu, told the Tutsis that they would be safe in the church. They trusted him, and he betrayed them. He told the Hutu where they were. It took them over two days to kill the thousands of people who were inside.
  • Genocide in Rwanda ends

    Genocide in Rwanda ends
    WebsiteThe Genocide in Rwanda ended when the RPF (Rwandan Patriotic Front) took over their country. They were Tutsi people, and most of the people had lived in Uganda. They were very strict and they knew what they were doing. It did not take them very long to take over the country.