• Armenian Genocide Part 2

    -Hard to rebuild the country
    Global Impact
    -Alot of deaths happend that cuts out a large amount of the Amenian population.
    -This caused alot of overwhelming heartbreak and sadness.
    Young Turk government
    1.5 million deaths
    Ottoman Empire
    1.5 million deaths
  • Armenian Genocide

    Armenian Genocide
    -Also known as the Armenian Holocaust, the Armenian massacres, and traditionally by Armenian, as the great crime.
    -This took place during and after world war 1.
    -It is acknowledged to have been one of the 1st modern genocides.
    -The second most studied case of genocide after the Holocaust.
    -Massacres were indiscriminate of age or gender, with rape and other sexual abuse common place.
    Country Impact
    -75% of the Armenian population was mudered.
    -This affected negatively on the population's growth.
  • Period: to

    Genocide Timeline

  • The holocaust

    The holocaust
    -Jews were forced to wear a yellow star.
    -The 1st victims were with disabilities.
    -1/3 of the jewish pop was killed.
    -Germans used jewish people for expiriments.
    -Adolf hitler came to power in 1933.
    -Jews now are less seen now.
    Country Impact
    -Thousands of Nazis and their accomplices combed the cities and countryside of Europe to sniff out Jews, trapping every Jewish person who tried to slip through their fingers.
    -The Jews were generally abandoned by their neighbors and by the free world.
  • The Holocaust Part 2

    -They had no country of their own to which they could turn.
    Global Impact
    - Global hegemony by the Judeo-Christian alliance of the United States and Israel.
    -the holocaust heavily sped up the influx of Jews to Israel after it became clear they were not safe in Europe.
    Jewish people- 6 millions deaths
    Easter Europe
  • Holodomor Genocide

    Holodomor Genocide
    -This is recongnized as a crime against humanity.
    -Was one of the largest national catastrophes in the modern history of the Ukrainian nation.
    -There was alot of destruction and hunger.
    -They would put jews up to two years in prison.
    -The maximum punishment proposed would be 100-300$ salaries.
    Country impact
    -Alot of crops and deaths
    -People needed to survive at this time.
    "Death by hunger"
    Global Impact
    -Decrease in population because of many deaths.
  • Holodomor Genocide Part 2

    -People in Ukraine were forced to work like slaves under the state.
    ~Ths caused alot of sadness around the world.
    Ukrainian Soviet Siocialist republic
    2.4-7.5 million deaths
  • Cambodian Genocide

    Cambodian Genocide
    -Between one and half to three million people was carried out by the Khmer Rouge(KR).
    -There was a mass killing at the Choeung E.K field.
    -The genocide was ended following the vitnamese invasion of Cambodia.
    -20,000 mass graves=alot of deaths, known as the killing field have been uncovered.
    -Cambodian govenment passed legislation to try a limited number of the KR leadership.
    Country Impact
  • Cambodian Genocide part 2

    -Gradual deuastation of 25% of the country's population in just three short years.
    -750,000 Cambodians died from Americamn B-52 bombers, using napalm and dart Cluster-bombs to destroy suspected Viet Cong targets in Cambodia.
    Global Impact
    -A large decrease in population.
    -Alot of Cambodians became refugees=whan a person leaves country due to war other reasons.
    -Unkown estimated deaths and who did it.
    Cambodia South East Asia
    Unkown Information for estimated deaths and who did it.
  • Bosnian Genocide

    Bosnian Genocide
    -Muslims were the victims.
    -It was an Ethnic cleansing.
    -Mainly focused on killing men and boys.
    -Inhuman treatment of civilians.
    -The unlawful deportation and transfer of civilians
    -At the time Yugoslavia.
    Country Impact
    -Army was convicted of Genocide to 46 years in prison.
    -Muslims are felt for.
    Global impact
    -80% of the people died or went to prison.
    -Muslims are uncomfortable in Bonsia.
    •8,373 (Srebrenica) •116 (Žepa) Deaths
    Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Rwanda Genocide Part 2

    -Saddam was killing like crazy.
    -Alot of deaths.
    ~Decrease in population.):
    Tutsi and Hutu
    500 thousand to 1 million deaths.
  • Rwanda Genocide

    Rwanda Genocide
    -10% of population was killed.
    -The country now suffers Ethnic tension.
    -Many woman have HIV and AIDS.
    -150 thousand people died because of AIDS.
    -Over 250 thousand woman were raped.
    Country Impact
    -Ten such attacks occurred between 1962 and 1967, each leading to retaliatory killings of large numbers of Tutsi civilians in Rwanda and creating new waves of refugees.
    - killings continued until 4 July 1994 when the RPF took military control of the entire territory of Rwanda.
    Global Impact
  • Dafurian Genocide

    Dafurian Genocide
    -Tens of thousands of people died.
    -The Malitias ans carrying out a campaign against Non-Arabs.
    -107 sudenese soldiers and 1 russian got mercenary killed.
    -The raid on Omdorman.
    - The conflict in Darfur has also increased tensions in neighboring Chad and the Central African Republic as hundreds of thousands of refugees stream over the two countries’ borders to escape violence.
    Country Impact
    -This war is still going so the country's economy is bad.
  • Darfurian Genocide Part 2

    -This country is a very rural area to live in because there is alot of violance.
    Global Impact
    -20,000-30,000 deaths.
    -Arabs are more cautious of culture.
    ~Alot of deaths occured.