013 rwanda genocide crosses in kigali

Genocide Timeline

  • The Young Turk Revolution

    (approx date -- mid april)
  • Period: to


  • Ukraine - Censorship begins

  • Males aging from 20-45 are conscripted

  • Nazaret Chavush is murdered

    Nazaret Chavush = Leader of Zeitun at the time
    Murder carried on the account of Haidar Pasha, who was a governor of Marash
  • Mass killings are carried out in public

    Mass killings of the Armenian soldiers
  • House searches begin in Diyarbekir

  • Armenian community leaders killed by Turks

  • Disarmament of Armenian soldiers

    (...it said 1915 so I wasn't sure. Left as default timetoast date)
  • Talaat Pasha asassinated

    Talaat Pasha asassinated
    Was one of the leaders that controlled the Ottoman Empire during WWI and initiated the original Genocide effort against the Armenians.
  • Vladimir Lenin dies Stalin ascends into power

    Vladimir Lenin dies Stalin ascends into power
    (picture shows Vladimir Lenin)
    Vladimir Lenin created the Soviet Communist Part and the USSR. Was in office as the Community Party leader from Nov17 1903 until he died, being succeeded by Stalin.
  • Mein Kampf 1

    Mein Kampf 1
    Adolf Hitler's first novel, translates to "My Struggle" or "My Battle". Outlines basically his political viewpoints and his hate towards the Jewish community. Began the book when imprisoned for political crimes.
  • Period: to

    Stalin's Five Year Plan

    (default date)
  • Hitler becomes Chancellor

    Hitler becomes Chancellor
    Adolf Hitler is famous for exterminating millions of Jewish men, women, children, and families all over Europe. He was the leader of the Nazis and believed that the Aryan race was superior than any other and so set out to kill people who did not fit his ideal model of 'humans'. Which basically meant that if you didn't have blond hair, bye eyes, you were considered a lower class to him. Also disliked those who bore physical, mental, or any other sort of disabilities. [THEY DON'T GIVE ME ENOUGH S-
  • First Concentration Camp Built

    First Concentration Camp Built
    (14 is a vague estimation since it's in the middle of march and it doesn't really say so) Picture is of the Buchenwald Concentration Camp, an example of a concentration camp where people are forced to work, spend every day of their lives miserable and starving to the core. Men who were unfit would be usually killed off or taken away somewhere else. Women, children, or frail people were usually killed off immediately in gas chambers or burnt in ovens.
  • Enabling Act is passed

    Enabling Act is passed
    ...which gives Hitler dictatorial rights. An Enabling Act basically grants a person or a group to do certain things.

    WHAT HAS THE WORLD COME TO ...on a more serious note, the Nazi book burnings took place all around germany, where members of the Nazi burnt books that did not support the Nazi Ideology. This was also called 'cleansing' or literary purge. Censorship... basically.
  • Hitler Rises to Power

    Hitler Rises to Power
    (...as president when the original one died.) Contination from the first Hitler post. PACE--] Was rejected from an art school (have you see his paintings SDKFNSDKJFN THEY'RE SO NICE). Mother died of cancer and now an orphan, Hitler went to Germany. Entered the Army and well, he's been written in bold print on History's walls.
  • Declaration of Nuremberg Laws

    Declaration of Nuremberg Laws
    The Nuremberg Laws were laws that were introduced by the Nazi party. The laws stated include things such as forbidding Jewish and German marriages, relationships, etc. Also states that Jewish families may not employ female citizens younger than 45. Known the Holocaust, this brutally prolonged hate against the Jewish people.
  • Prince Naruhito & army advances on Nanjing

    Prince Naruhito & army advances on Nanjing
    Prince Naruhito is currently the Crown Prince of Japan.
  • Japanese sink USS Panay

    Japanese sink USS Panay
    USS Panay as in an American gunboat that was built in Shanghai.
  • 7 girls were taken and raped, only 5 to return

    (i'm sorry it's just disturbing you see)
  • Jap soldiers begin to burn remains and sinking them

  • Army General admits to atrocities

    Army General admits to atrocities
    " Iwane Matsui reported told a Japanese diplomat "[m]y men have done something very wrong and extremely regrettable" regarding the atrocities committed in Nanjing, CHina. " http://ww2db.com/battle_spec.php?battle_id=38
  • Night of Broken Glass

    Night of Broken Glass
    Lasted for two days. The Night of Broken Glass was triggered by a 17 year old who had asassinated a German official. In the span of two days, 250 synagogues were burnt and over 7000 Jewish businesses turned upside down. A number of Jewish people were killed, and any Jewish building was taken over. Named the "Night of Broken Glass" because of the amounts of shattered glass that came from store windows.
  • Period: to


  • Germany invades Soviet Union

    Germany invades Soviet Union
    Also called "Operation Barbarossa", Germany succeeds in going through with his plan and takes over a portion of Russia while at the same time killing more Jews
  • First use of Poison Gas

    First use of Poison Gas
    Notably, Zyklon B, a cyanide based pesticide.
  • Hitler initiates the 'Final Solution'

    Hitler initiates the 'Final Solution'
    The Nazi's plan and systematic extermination of Jewish citizens living in Europe. Called the "Final Solution" because Hitler called it "the final solution of the Jewish question".
  • Soviet Union launches counterattack

    Soviet Union launches counterattack
  • Hitler Commits Suicide

    Hitler Commits Suicide
    Tells his soldiers to burn him and goes to commit suicide in fear of being treated like Mussolini.
  • Mao invades Tibet

    Mao invades Tibet
    Mao Zedong was the first chairman of the Communist Party in China, and was also the founder of the People's Republic of China. Leader of the Chinese Revolution that killed millions.
  • Mao's son dies in Korean War

    Mao's son dies in Korean War
    (picture-- Korean War)
  • Mao becomes President of PRC

    Mao becomes President of PRC
    (people's republic of china, which is the ONLY party 'cause he disallowed any other parties earlier in 1952)
  • Joseph Stalin dies

    Joseph Stalin dies
    Joseph Stalin was the first General Secretary of the Community Party of the Soviet's Central Committee from 1922 till his death. Succeeded Lenin and promoted socialism. Replaced the 1928 New Economic Policy with a centralized command economy. Launched the 'Five Year Plan' as well, which failed as it starved and killed millions.
  • Khmer Rouge is created

    Khmer Rouge is created
    The Khmer Rouge were the "Red Cambodians" that followed the Khmer Communist Party. Was led by Pol Pot and others, but more famously Pol Pot. The state was renamed Democratic Kampuchea during the time when the Khmer Rouge took control of the whole government (or probably, WAS the government.)
  • Mao launches "Great Leap Forward"

    Mao launches "Great Leap Forward"
    (approx date) Which is basically trying to modernize the normal agricultural China. Starves millions. MILLIONS. MIIIIILLIIIOOOONNNSS.
  • Mao steps down, succeeded by Liu Shaoqui

    Mao steps down, succeeded by Liu Shaoqui
    (approx date)
  • Liu Shaoqui stops the Great Leap Forward

    Liu Shaoqui stops the Great Leap Forward
    (approx date)
  • China tests their first nuclear weapon

  • Start of the Cultural Revolution

    Start of the Cultural Revolution
    (still china) Started by Mao, the Cultural Revolution was aiming towards a more socialist country by removing the other groups such as capitalist, traditional, and cultural qualities of the Chinese people. This was marked as the return of Mao, as he failed previously in launching the Great Leap Forward. He used his name to overturn his opponents, most notably Liu Shaoqui, the man who had succeeded him.
  • Sihanouk is overthrown by Lon Nol

    Sihanouk is overthrown by Lon Nol
    (we're in cambodian genocide again) Lon Nol ruled as the Prime Minister of Cambodia twice, both times as a Defense Minister. Attacked Sihanouk and proclaimed himself as the new leader, of what he now renamed as 'Khmer Republic'.
  • Khmer Rouge seizes Cambodia

    Khmer Rouge seizes Cambodia
  • Lon Nol loses his reign after an attack and Pol Pot is brought to power

    Lon Nol loses his reign after an attack and Pol Pot is brought to power
    ...which is the beginning of the genocide Picture ; Pol Pot. Pol Pot led the Khmer Rouge and believed in a new Cambodia (...along the lines of a revolution) and was the Prime Minister of the newly named "Democrativ Kampuchea". He was known for supporting socialism and applying it, while at the same time trying to bring everything into a neutral zone where it would be the same as restarting civilization, life.
  • Mao dies

    Mao dies
    (I'm sorry I have really useless points back there somewhere but OH WELL YOU KNOW)
  • Vietnam invades Cambodia

    Vietnam invades Cambodia
  • Vietnam succeeds in taking Phnom Penh

    Vietnam succeeds in taking Phnom Penh
    Phnom Penh is the captial (and largest city) of Cambodia near the Mekong River. Most exonomic and industrial businesses and corporations are located here and also have cultural heritage qualities.
  • Vietnam withdraws from Cambodia

    Vietnam withdraws from Cambodia
    Not before millions of people died
  • Armenians declare independence

    Armenians declare independence
    ...from the former Soviet Union
  • Vietnam-Cambodia peace settlement is signed

  • Muslims and Croats vote for Independence

    Muslims and Croats vote for Independence
    (bosnian genocide)
  • War breaks out and Serbs capture Sarajevo

    War breaks out and Serbs capture Sarajevo
    Sarajevo is the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Main center of politics, education, media, etc. Famous for religious diversity, where multiple religions have coexisted for centuries. The picture is the Parliament building of Sarajevo being burnt down by tanks.
  • Romeo Dallaire goes into Rwanda

    Romeo Dallaire goes into Rwanda
    (approx date) Romeo Dallaire is a former general and is best known for commanding an United Nations Assistance Mission for Rwanda (UNAMIR). He desperately tried to stop the genocide that was happening towards the Tutsis by the Hutus.
  • UN refuses Romeo Dallaire's request

    ...to help aid the Rwanda genocide. (Approximate number, they said January 1994)
  • Interahamwe kills Prime Minister

    Interahamwe kills Prime Minister
    ...as well as thousands of other Tutsis. Prime Minister Agathe Uwilingiyimana while UN continues to just...watch, to see how everything unfolds.
  • Romeo Dallaire informs UN about Rwanda

    Romeo Dallaire informs UN about Rwanda
    Continues to say how the ethnic killings were all planned, was systematic, and carried out by government
  • US Ambassador secures a ceasefire

    along with 250 other americans
  • Belgium pulls out of Rwanda

    Belgium pulls out of Rwanda
  • UN troops reduced from 2.5k to 270

  • UN Security Council refuses to call it Genocide

  • RPF captures the Kigali Airport

    RPF captures the Kigali Airport
  • End of the Rwanda Genocide

  • Karadzic cuts off all links to towns

    Karadzic cuts off all links to towns
    (approx date-- bosnian genocide again)
    Radovan Karadzic was the leader of the Bosnian Serb army that committed a large part of the genocide. Found after the genocide and is still being tried for court.
  • Karadzic heads for Srebrenica

    Karadzic heads for Srebrenica
    The Srebrenica massacre is the name of the 1995 killing that took place in Bosnia.
  • UN safe area captured by Mladic

    UN safe area captured by Mladic
    ...and kills thousands of Muslim citizens. Ratko Mladic was the head military commander during the Bosnian genocide. He had actually taken part in the mass killings that took place all over Bosnia.
  • Pol Pot dies