German East Africa

  • Mar 26, 1300

    Tutsis migrate into Rwanda

    Tutsis migrate into Rwanda
    The Tutsis were a group of people that migrated into Rwanda in the late 1300's. The Hutu and the Twa already inhabited Rwanda but slowly the Tutsis began to mgirate and take control of the Hutus and Twa's from having strong combat skills. Evuntally the Tutsis took control of them. Later on the Hutu and the Tutsis made a contract that said the Hutu could use the Tutsis cattle replaced for miltary service.
  • Tutsis king subdues central Rwanda and Hutu areas

    Tutsis king subdues central Rwanda and Hutu areas
    In the 1600's the Tutsis king Kigeri Ruganzu Ndori Subdues the Hutus meaning he conquered and vanished them from existance. Kigeri forced the hutus to do miltary service form them and join the tutsis people. kigeri broke the contract of peace between the two groups.
  • Karl Peters and the Germans

    Karl Peters and the Germans
    In 1884 karl peters a German exploer traveled form Zanzibar and spent several months collecting signatures on treaties form local African chiefs. Karl was a graduate student who spent time in london where he became enthused by the progress of british Imperilaism.
  • Peters returns to Germany

    Peters returns to Germany
    In 1885 Karl peters returs to Germany just before the the end of the congress of Berlin. Bismarack accepted his treaties that he got in Zanzibar and used thm as the basis for a German cliam over east Africa. Peters recieved a charter form the German East Africa company and went on to achieve fame.
  • Germany imperalizes Rwanda

    Germany imperalizes Rwanda
    Germany impearlized Rwanda in 1890. The imperalized them with direct control looking form them to drop there religion and adopt the cultural of Germans. The Tutsi accepted Germanys rule and still ruled the country. Germany didn't supply Rwanda with any help for there problems and didn't help devlope the enconmy and country.
  • The Maji Maji rebelion

    The Maji Maji rebelion
    The maji maji rebilion was a 2 year war fought between the rwanda people and germany. The war was based on a belief of a magic water that when it was put on German bodies it would turn there bullets into water. This water was called maji maji. 20 ethnic groups fought against the germans to gain there independece. They believed that god and there ancestors would return to help fight in the war which gave them hope to fight harder.
  • Civil War

    Civil War
    The Rwandan civil war was fought between two tribes. The Tutsi and Hutu. This war was fought becuase of the defeat of Germany in world war 2. The reason for this was because belgain allowded a self-goverment. This led to the Tutsi against the Hutu.
  • Rwanda Becomes Independent

    Rwanda Becomes Independent
    In 1962 Rwanda became independent due to the victory of the Hutus. This led to a UN public voting. this ment that the Rwandaens voted to get rid of the Tutsi king and have a republic. After the independence thousands of Tutsis left the country. later on Tutsis would seize there country. this became known as the Rwandan Genocide.