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Ruth Handler

By jose63
  • Birth Date

    Birth Date
    She was born and raised in Danver Colorado, Her parents were Jacob and Ida Handler and they had emigrated from Poland.
  • Period: to


    Worked at Paramount studios
  • Children

    She daughter barbara joyce handler was born, and three years later her son kenneth robert handler was born.
  • Symbols

    The animal that symbollize Ruth is a unicorn, the unicorn repreent her femine side about her inventions .
  • Business

    Ruth and her husband establishd a woodworking buisness with her family friend harold maston. there was no peficif date.
  • Symbols

    The object that symbolizes Ruth is the peral. Thi represents her by her perfection and fertility .
  • Invented Barbie

    Invented Barbie
    This is when she evented barbie but there wasnt a exact date.
  • The first time

    The first time
    The first time barbie was reveald in public at the american toy fair.
  • Acomplishments

    She was awarded the outstanding business women award, but there ws no exact date.
  • Invention

    Ruth had breast cancer so she invented a prosthesis breast, she didnt invent this invention just for her she later then made it a company. There was no exact date for this.
  • Scandles

    Securities and exchange commissions accused the Mattel company for falsifying financiak documents, The handlers became convicted felons. They resignation for Ruth and elliot.
  • Death

    At age 85, cancer had took over Ruth's life, she was buried at the star-studded hillside memorial cemetray in culver, Cali.