• serfs free

    Serfs were freed. Industrializing changed face of russian economy.
  • czar

  • Period: to

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  • Russia troubled

    Russia troubled
    serfsRussian economy slows, citizens go on strike because of poor work and conditions.
  • Russia splits

    Russia splits
    russia govermentRussia divides into two because of its economy.
  • WAR

    revolutionGermany declars war on russia, the war strained the russian economy. Russia's armies refuses to fight.
  • Struggles to support citizens

    Struggles to support citizens
    struggleThere is a riot over food and coal. There is a seize of power.
  • killings

    killingsGroup of russian nobles loyal to the czar murdered rasputin.
  • Bolsheviks take power

    Bolsheviks take power
    bolsheviksProvisional goverment destroyed. Bolsheviks take power, and established a new goverment. There is an organized resistance.
  • killing

    revolutionBolsheviks kill citizens at Yekaterinburg