Russian Revolution PD5

By ChrisMc
  • Surfs freed

    Surfs freed
    . The serfs were freed.Though they had little land and were frowned apon by Russias society. image
  • Period: to

    Great changes

    Russia expirienced great changes in the late 1800's and early 1900's.
  • Labor party

    Labor party
    The marxists formed the Russian Democratic Labor Party. image
  • Period: to


    Russias economy slowed down. The country waged an unsuccessful war with Japan, and social unrest grew.
  • The march

    The march
    In 1905, thousands of men, women, and children marched to Czar Nicholas' Winter Palace in St. Petersburg, the capital of Russia. image
  • World War 1

    World War 1
    Germany declared war on Russia in August, starting World War 1. image
  • Rasputin murdered

    In Deconmber, on the 16th, a group of Russians nobles loyal to the Czar murdered Rasputin.
  • Trotsky

    Leon Trotsky escaped from prison in 1917 image
  • Strikes and riots

    Strikes and riots broke out in Russia due to shortages of food and coal.
  • Soviet Union

    The Soviet Union requonquored Ukraine which they had lost in 1918.
  • Constitution

    A soviet constitution went into effect in 1918. image
  • Stalin

    Joseph Stalin became general secutary of the Communist Party.
  • United Kingdom and the SU

    The United Kindom reconized the Soviet Unionin 1924
  • The February revolution

    The February revolution started on March 8th (It was February on the Russian calender). Riots and strikes broke out.
  • Czar resigns throne

    The Russian goverment forced the Czar to resign his throne.