Ruby Bridges Timeline

  • Birth

    Ruby Bridges is born in Tylertown, MS.
  • The Move

    The Move
    Bridges' parents moverd form MIssissippi to Louisianna in hopes of a better life
  • Special Test

    Special Test
    Ruby Bridges was chosen to take a test that determines whether or nnot she could attend an all-white school. Bridges was one od six children to pass the test.
  • Integration

    Bridges integrates William Frantz Public School. She is the first African American to attend an all-white school. She is escorted by federal marshals.
  • A Painting

    A Painting
    Inspired by the Ruby Bridges' story, Norman Rockwell painted "The Problem We Must All Live With" in her honor.
  • Marriage

    Bridges marries Malcolm Hall.
  • Children's Book

    Children's Book
    Rbert Cole published a Children's Book in Ruby Bridges Honor
  • Reunited

    Ruby Bridges and Barbara Henry are reunited for the first time after 35 years on the Oprah Winfrey Show.
  • Film

    Disney produced a movie depicting Ruby Bridges imprint on society.
  • Biography

    Ruby Bridges publishes an autobiography of her life called "Through My Eyes".
  • Foundation

    Ruby Bridges established The Ruby Bridges Foundation.
  • Honorary Deputy

    Honorary Deputy
    Ruby is honored by the US Marshals and given the titile of honorary deputy for her bravery as a child.
  • Children's Musuem

    Children's Musuem
    The Children's Museum of Indianapolis unveiled a new exhibition documenting Bridges' life.
  • Honor

    Ruby meets the president Obama and reviews the paintings created in her honor. In 2012 she was given an honorary degree from Tulane University.