Roy chapman andrews

Roy Chapman Andrews

By tweiss
  • Birth Date

    He was born in Beloit a city in Wisconsin in the United States
  • Began Preparation Expedition

    In early March Andrews was based at the Natural History museum in New York City where he made a daring proposal to send an Expedition to the Gobi Desert to test Henery Osborns theory that the earliest humans came from not Africa but the heart of Asia.
  • The Date they set off on their journey

    Andrews and his team set off into what Andrews liked to call The Great Unknown
  • Lost in the Gobi Desert

    In early september, tempretures dropped and the Gobi Desert became even more threatening, andrews and his team got lost in a vast area of desert - for three days they were lost, hunting for signs of life and eventually spotted a small group of Mongol Nomads Huts - it was that moment they also spotted what could be their first discovery.
  • The Flaming Cliffs

    Late september at the same location as the Mongol Nomads Huts they discovered sandstone cliffs, carved into fantasic shapes by years of erosion - "there appear to be medievil castles with spires and turrents" wrote Andrews. But more importantly lying on the surface of the rocks lay hundreds of fossils - they named the spot 'The Flaming Cliffs'.
  • Bandit Attack in China

    Andrews and his team were back in China and they were attacked by a group of Bandits, but Andrews saved himself and his team by defending them - he charged his car towards the bandits on horseback knowing the horses would be frightned and flee.
  • Amazing Discovery

    On July 13th 1923, a scientist George Olsen made the announcement that he ha found fossilized eggs that very morning, they were in fact reptile eggs to be more precise - Dinosaur eggs!
  • A heroes welcome

    Andrews in late 1923 returned home to America where he recieved a heroes welcome
  • New Career

    In late 1923 Andrews with his glowing reputation ensured a glittering career as the director of the American Natural history museum.
  • Back to Mongolia

    Ealry in 1925 Andrews went back to Mongolia to begin another expedition
  • Expedition Abondoned

    Unfortunatly the expedition had to be abandoned due to the civil war breaking out in China
  • New Expedition

    In 1927 another expedition for Andrews and his team began
  • Accident in the Desert

    Late 1927, Andrews was handling his gun when he accidently shot himself - the bullet ripped through his thigh and came out underneith his knee, he then had to recover under horrible circumstances in the desert during sand storms and other dangers.
  • Central Asiatic Expedition

    Once again Andrews led an Expedition into the Central Asiatic desert
  • Last time In China

    Andrews was forced to leave China for the last time as the resistance from Chinese authorities grew to great.
  • Roy Chapman Andrews Final Entry

    Roy Chapman Andrews Final Entry
    On March 11th 1960, Roy Chapman Andrews passed away at the age of 76.