Rowan Atkinson by Matthew

By aishk6n
  • Rowan Atkinson was born in England

    Rowan Atkinson was born in England
  • Period: to

    Rowan Atkinson

  • Durham Secondary School

    Durham Secondary School
  • Newcastle University

    Newcastle University
  • Oxford University

    Oxford University
  • Edinburgh Festival (first noticeed)

    Edinburgh Festival (first noticeed)
  • BBC radio show - "Atkinson People"

  • ITV - first TV show "Canned Laughter"

  • BBC TV Comedy - "Blackadder"

    BBC TV Comedy - "Blackadder"
  • Thames TV - "Mr Bean"

    Thames TV - "Mr Bean"
  • "Bean" first movie

    "Bean" first movie
  • Award - "One of the 50 funniest comedians ever"

  • "Mr Bean's Holiday" - Hollywood Movie"

    "Mr Bean's Holiday" - Hollywood Movie"
  • Filming Johnny English Reborn

    Filming Johnny English Reborn