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BNHA Comprehensive Timeline

By higuu
  • AFO is born

    Probably??? this is exactly 200 years before the main series starts so this isn't exact he could've been born like 20 years later maybe? That makes more sense than just being one of the first but this is just a baseline for you to guess around. He probably wouldn't be any older than 200 because then he'd have been one of The First to get a quirk and if quirks were so rare then, how'd he manage to start taking them, huh???
  • Tomura Shigaraki is born

    otherwise known as tenko shimura.
  • Mirio Togata is born

  • Mei Hatsumei is born

    and so begins the story of UA's Support Course Terror...
  • Katsuki Bakugou is born

    bald pom pom appears
  • Neito Monoma is born

    this is honestly just in case you want to know
  • Mashirao Ojiro is born

    monke boy, monke boy, see what he do!
  • Yuuga Aoyama is born

    haha cheese boy!! -- (after reading ch 336) :) what
  • Tooru Hagakure is born

  • Sato Rikido is born

  • Denki Kaminari is born

  • Shinsou Hitoshi is born

  • Izuku Midoriya is born

    the protagonist arrives
  • Hanta Sero is born

  • Mina Ashido is born

  • Kyoka Jirou is born

  • Tenya Iida is born

  • Tomura first uses his Quirk

    Could have technically happened anytime from apr 4, 2169 to apr 3, 2170, he just needed to be 5 years old. Most likely in the late spring to early fall, since the trees shown still had their leaves. AFO presumedly found (re: kidnapped) him some time afterwards, but in between that, he was kinda just. wandering homeless for some time. AFO probably didn't find him any later than early winter, because i doubt that Tomura could have survived that.
  • All Might is injured by AFO

    the first big fight between the two: All Might loses a good chunk of organ, AFO loses his whole fucking face and somehow survives, unbeknownst to the Heroes.
  • Period: to

    Sludge Villain Incident

    Any weekday of the first or second week of April: haven't gotten it exactly pinned down unfortunately
    (apr 1st-4th, week 1(monday is actually in march), apr 7th-11th, week 2)
  • UA Entrance Exam

    One Man (1) turns his own bones into Soup
  • UA Entrance Exam Results

    (All Might voice:) "This is YOUR Hero Academia!"
  • Quirk Apprehension Test

    Since this is technically day of orientation, it's on a sunday instead of a monday.
  • Battle Trials & Start of First Term

    All might really didn't even. didn't even teach them normal hand to hand first, huh..?
    anyways this is first full school day at UA. monday! hurrah
  • USJ Attack

    The cause of Aizawa's badass scar. Also should have caused trauma honestly and why are none of these children in therapy??
  • The UA Sports Festival

    In which the teachers unethically restrain a child ✨✨
  • Hero Names are chosen

    Internships are also announced. the intern applications will be due in two days, on friday
  • Internships Begin

    Planned to last a week. Hosu attack happens three days in, on a sunday
  • Hosu Attack

    Also known as: When Stain gets his ass beat by 3 hero students
  • Period: to

    Finals Week (Toga & Dabi join LOV)

    Most of the week will be written, friday is the practical test. Sometime during this week Toga & Dabi are recruited into the League
  • Mall Incident

    Shigaraki threatens Izuku at the mall when he gets separated from his friends. Occurs on a sunday
  • Hell Camp Begins

    Essentially anytime in the first full week of august, but it's most likely to start on a monday honestly, and that's aug. 2nd
  • Summer Camp Attack

    LOV attacks on the 3rd night of the trip. Katsuki is kidnapped, Izuku turns his bones to soup once again but at least he beat up Muscular. The morning after, the idea of there being a traitor is first mentioned.
  • Kamino Incident

    Izuku is released from the hospital and immediately fucks his bones up again a bit by helping rescue Katsuki. AFO is defeated, and All Might reveals his true form to the public by deflating like a tired balloon.
  • Period: to

    Home Visits

    in which the teachers visit homes to talk about the dorms in the week after Kamino and Mitsuki hits Katsuki for being 'weak enough to get kidnapped' (what the fuck)
  • Students move into the Dorms

    ~11 days before next term starts. Dorm room contest happens this night
  • Special Move Development begins

    what it says on the tin, the kiddos start learning how to do fancy schmancy stuff.
  • License Exam & Izuku and Katsuki beat each other up in a Dennys' Parking Lot

    jk jk it was just on school grounds. Also: overhaul is introduced, twices' backstory is revealed, All Might talks to AFO in prison (forgot what it was called oops).
  • Start of Second Term

    woo hoo! school
  • 1A v Mirio Fight & Overhaul and Shigaraki meet

    on the tin. Also i'm pretty sure this is where Magne dies and the magician one (Sir Marbles? That def isnt his name but i'm too lazy to look it up) loses his arm? sorry my interest in the manga honestly dropped off around this point. anyways technically this was supposed to have happened on the 4th (3 days pass between start of term and here) but that put it on a saturday and school doesn't. happen. on saturdays. EDIT: OH> MISTER COMPRESS. THAT WAS IT. OKAY.