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  • 1150 BCE

    Saul Crowned King

    Saul Crowned King
    God told Samuel that Saul was the one to be king. Saul thought that he wasn't the one. Samuel finally anointed him kings after they find him hiding in the baggage cart.
  • 1140 BCE

    Saul's first battle

    Saul's first battle
    The first battle of Saul was the battle of Michmash. That battle was against the Philistines. Jonathan, Saul's son, defeated them, just him and his armor bearer.
  • Period: 1050 BCE to 1000 BCE

    Saul King

    Saul was King about 20 years before he died in battle. In that time, he had chased David all over the place. He also rejected God.
  • Period: 1040 BCE to 1010 BCE


    Saul hated David and seeked to kill him. David spared Saul's life more than once, and every time Saul begs for forgiveness. But every time, it doesn't take long before Saul is after David again. David had started out as a Shepard boy, then defeated Goliath, then ran from Saul for years. Then he was made king and ruled. He wrote many of the Psalms in the Bible.
  • 1029 BCE

    David anointed king

    David anointed king
    David was anointed king by Samuel because Saul had rejected God. Saul didn't really know that this has happened. David had been called back from herding the sheep so that he could be anointed.
  • 1025 BCE


    Goliath was a philistine mini giant who was taunting the Israelites. He wanted to fight their mightiest man and make Israel the philistines slaves. But David lodged a stone in his forehead and then chopped off his head.
  • 1024 BCE

    David and Jonathan

    David and Jonathan
    David and Jonathan where as close as brothers. They even promised to each other that if one of them died, the other would take care of their wives and kids. Jonathan gave David a couple of his things, including his robe, which meant that he knew that David was going to be king next, and his sword, which was one of the two swords in all of Israel.
  • 1016 BCE

    David spares Saul's life

    David spares Saul's life
    David was in a cave and Saul came in. Saul had no idea that was were David was. David could have killed him, but he clipped off the end of Saul's robe.
  • 1014 BCE

    David spares Saul's life again

    David spares Saul's life again
    David sneaked into Saul's camp one night and took his spear and water jug. the next morning, he was up on a cliff and called down to them. Saul recognized that David could have killed him, but choose to spare him, and Saul begged for forgiveness. But it wasn't long before David was on the run again on the account that Saul was chasing him.
  • Period: 1009 BCE to 937 BCE


    Bathsheba was one of David's mighty men's wife. Uriah was away at war, and David saw Bathsheba on her roof. He fell in love with her and committed adultary with her. Then she got pregnant, and David wanted to cover up his sin. He had Uriah sent home and then tried to make it look like the kid to be born was his. But when it didn't work, David had Uriah killed in war. Then he married Bathsheba and that kid died.
  • Period: 1009 BCE to 978 BCE


    Absalom was the oldest of David's sons and felt that he was in line for the throne. After he killed his half brother Amnon, he fled the city and, during a battle against his father, he hopped on his donkey and ran away. But Absalom had had really long hair, and it got caught on a low hanging branch. he was pulled off his donkey and left hanging there. Joab, David's right hand man, found him and killed him.
  • Period: 1000 BCE to 970 BCE

    David is King

    David was King for forty years. He reigned over the tribes of Israel and fought battles. His sons weren't the greatest, though. Some of them tried to take over.
  • 997 BCE

    David is kind to Mephibosheth

    David is kind to Mephibosheth
    After Jonathan dies and David is crowned King, David finds out that there is one son of Jonathan's alive. So David sends for him. Mephibosheth was crippled in his feet, but David didn't care. David had Mephibosheth sit at his table to eat.
  • 997 BCE


    David wanted God to have a temple because he felt bad that he was living in a fancy palace and God was living in a tent. So David made plans for a temple to be made. God said to him that since he was a man of war, he would not be the one to build it.
  • Period: 989 BCE to 931 BCE


    Solomon was the son of David. He received wisdom from God and was the wisest man in the whole world. But he had 700 wives that turned him into an idol worshiper.
  • 974 BCE

    David numbers the people of Israel

    David numbers the people of Israel
    God had said that they where not to number the people of Israel. But one day, David was feeling a little ornery and had Joab go number the people. Well, God knew, and after it was done, God sent the prophet to David and told him that he could choose his punishment. David choose the 3 days of pestilence, or plague. that killed A LOT of people.
  • 971 BCE

    Solomon is crowned King

    Solomon is crowned King
    Solomon was the son of Bathsheba and David. He was made King after David. He killed His brother, Joab, and Shimei.
  • 970 BCE

    David's death

    David's death
    David was old and made Solomon King. Then, he gave Solomon some of his last words. Then he 'slept with his fathers', or in other words, he past away.
  • 969 BCE

    King Hiram

    King Hiram
    King Hiram's kingdom was a neighbor to Israel. He was excited when he heard that Solomon was king, because he was so wise. He gave lots of wood to Solomon to use for the temple.
  • 967 BCE

    Solomon becomes wise

    Solomon becomes wise
    God had come to Solomon and asked if there was anything he wanted, because he would give it to him. Solomon asked if he could have the knowledge of God. God was so happy with him that he blessed Solomon with not only wisdom, but with wealth and fame, and a long life.
  • 957 BCE

    Solomon's Temple

    Solomon's Temple
    David had drawn the blue prints for the temple, and Solomon built it. He used a ton of gold and wood. He finished in seven years.
  • 945 BCE

    Queen of Sheba

    Queen of Sheba
    The Queen of Sheba had heard of the wealth of Solomon and of how wise he was, so she went to see herself. She was REALLY impressed. She asked Solomon questions, and he answered them really well.
  • 941 BCE

    Solomon's Fall

    Solomon's Fall
    Solomon had 700 wives that were not Israelites. they all had different gods and they started asking him to come worship with them. then they had him worshiping idols.
  • Period: 932 BCE to 910 BCE


    Jeroboam was the first king of the northern part of Israel. His first child died because he had made altars in Israel. His wife had gone to the prophet and asked if their son would live. the prophet said that when she entered the city, the child would die.
  • 931 BCE

    Division of Israel

    Division of Israel
    Israel was being ruled by Rehoboam. Jeroboam led the people to rebel and Rehoboam ended up with the tribe of Judah along with the Levites and the prophets. Jeroboam got the rest of the kingdom.
  • 930 BCE

    Two Golden Calves

    Two Golden Calves
    Jeroboam made two golden calves after he was king. He told the people that these were the ones that led them out of Egypt. Through the Books of the Kings and Chronicles, the people keep sinning and worshiping them.
  • Period: 930 BCE to 913 BCE


    Rehoboam was the son of Solomon. He was terrible and didn't follow God. He wanted to raise taxes and the people rebelled. the kingdom was spit and Rehoboam ended up with Judah and the Levites and the prophets.
  • Period: 913 BCE to 911 BCE


    Abijom was one of the kings of Judah. He is also known as Abijah. He was not a man of God, but one time he used God in battle against Israel. Judah had the Levites, the temples, and the priests, so that must mean that God must be with him. Abijom was giving a speech to the army of Israel, when his army realized that Israel had snuck behind them. They called out to God and God gave Israel into Judah's hand.
  • Period: 912 BCE to 885 BCE


    Elah is the son of the Baasha, and he ruled 2 years. He got drunk at the house of Arza, and the commander of half his army, killed him. Zimri, the commander, made himself king.
  • Period: 911 BCE to 909 BCE


    Nadab is the son of Jeroboam. He is a wicked king, and doesn't reign for more than 2 years. He was killed by Baasha.
  • Period: 910 BCE to 870 BCE


    Asa was the son of Abijom. Ten years after he started reigning, he went into war with Ethiopians. The Ethiopians had a bigger army, and Asa got scared. He called upon God, and they killed everyone in the Ethiopians army. Then they went and plundered the cities around there and then tore down ALL the idols in the cities he took and in Judah. But then he relied on the Syrians to distract Israel and then he had war for the rest of his life. In his 2nd to last year he got a sickness in his feet.
  • Period: 910 BCE to 886 BCE


    Baasha reigned for 24 years in Israel. He had killed the previous king and made himself king. But he didn't follow God and God had him killed. He was buried at Tirzah.
  • Period: 904 BCE to 850 BCE


    Elijah was a prophet of God. Elijah was alive during the reign of Ahab king of Israel. He made Elisha the next prophet. He was taken to heaven in a chariot of fire with the horses of fire.
  • 886 BCE


    Zimri was the commander of half of Elah's chariots. He made himself king, which lasted only seven days. Omri found out that Zimri killed the king, and he wanted to avenge the king. He set out to kill Zimri. Zimri spied them on the way, and he burned the castle down with him inside.
  • Period: 885 BCE to 874 BCE


    Omri became to king of Israel after Zimri dies. Omri was considered the worst king to that point. He made idols and was not a man of God.
  • Period: 885 BCE to 798 BCE


    Elisha was the prophet after Elijah. He had helped Elijah. He preformed twice as many miracles than Elijah.
  • Period: 883 BCE to 841 BCE

    Jehoram of Judah

    Jehoram, the king of Judah, was the son of Jehoshaphat. He married Athaliah, the daughter of Ahab. He had a son named Ahaziah.
  • Period: 878 BCE to 852 BCE

    Ahaziah of Israel

    Ahaziah was the son of Ahab. He fell through a lattice and got hurt. He died and reigned 2 years in Israel. Elijah had prophesied that Ahaziah would die and wouldn't leave his bed again. Ahaziah was mad and sent two different armies of 50 and their captions that got burned from fire form heaven.
  • Period: 876 BCE to 814 BCE


    Jehu was the commander of Jehoram. One of the sons of the prophets went to anoint him. He killed the king of Israel, the king of Judah, and Jezebel.
  • Period: 869 BCE to 866 BCE

    3 years of drought

    Elijah said that there would be no rain unless he said there would be. he hid in the wilderness and was fed by ravens. He fed a widow and raised her son from the dead.
  • Period: 863 BCE to 841 BCE

    Ahaziah of Judah

    Ahaziah was the son of Jehoram and Athaliah. He reigned 1 year and he 'walked in the way of the house of Ahab'. Ahab and Jehoshaphat were his grandfathers.
  • 850 BCE

    Elisha made fun of

    Elisha made fun of
    Elisha was bald, most likely morning for Elijah, when he was made fun of by some young boys. he turned around and cursed them and they died from two she-bears.
  • Period: 850 BCE to 798 BCE


    Jehoahaz was the son of Jehu and he reigned in Israel for seventeen years. He didn't follow God and followed the sins of Jeroboam. God left them in the hand of the Syrians. Then Jehoahaz sought God, and God delivered them.
  • 849 BCE

    The widows oil

    The widows oil
    One of the students of Elisha died and left his wife and kids poor. The widow owed debts, and she didn't have the money for that. She went to Elisha, and he sent her home to pour her oil out into her neighbors pots and pans to sell.
  • 846 BCE

    Floating ax head

    Floating ax head
    Elisha was running a school that Elijah had started. One of the students was chopping a tree when his ax head fell into the river. it sunk, and he went and told Elisha. Elisha threw a twig into the water and the ax head floated up.
  • 845 BCE

    Elisha blinds the Syrian army

    Elisha blinds the Syrian army
    The Syrian army was sent after Elisha to kill him. But Elisha blinded them all and led them to the capital city. The Israelites surrounded them and took their weapons, then feed them supper and sent them home.
  • Period: 842 BCE to 796 BCE

    Joash, or Jehoash

    Jehoash was seven when he started reigning in Judah. He followed Jehoiada and restored the temple. But when Jehoiada died, Jehoash started worshiping idols. Zechariah the son of Jehoiada was given a message to give the king from God. But the king and the princes conspired against him and the princes stones him in the temple. God was mad at him and Jehoash lost a battle and the princes killed him.
  • Period: 842 BCE to 835 BCE


    Athaliah was the daughter of Ahab, wife of Jehoram, mother of Ahaziah. After her husband and son dies, she kills all of the royal house of Judah, except for Jehoash, who was hidden in the house of the Lord. She rules for six years.
  • 830 BCE

    Naaman and Elisha

    Naaman and Elisha
    Naaman was the caption of the Syrian army. He got leprosy, and he was sent to Elisha. Elisha sent him to the Jordan to wash seven times. After seven times, he was healed.
  • Period: 825 BCE to 782 BCE


    Jehoash was the king of Israel for sixteen years. He went to Elisha once and asks if he would go against the Syrians. Him and Elisha shoot an arrow out a window and then Elisha tells him to hit the ground. Jehoash hit it three times, and Elisha said that that wasn't enough and that he would win three battles and then that was it.
  • Period: 821 BCE to 767 BCE


    Amaziah was king in Judah for 29 years. He followed God in the beginning and went and conquered Edom. But he brought home the idols from Edom and worshiped them, making God angry. Amaziah challenged Israel to war and after some persuasion, they went to war. Israel won and Judah was destroyed. Amaziah was captured and lived fifteen years after the king of Israel died. He fled to Lachish, where he was chased down and killed, later to be buried with the rest of the kings.
  • Period: 820 BCE to 753 BCE

    Jeroboam the second

    Jeroboam the second was the son of Joash. He was the king of Israel for fourty-one years. He worshiped idols and won many battles.
  • Period: 808 BCE to 739 BCE


    Uzziah was the son of Amaziah. He was made king when he was 16 years old, and reigned for 52 years. Zechariah the prophet taught him about God, and when Uzziah was king, he sought God. He conquered many people groups and made his kingdom really nice and strong. But he starts to get proud. He tries to burn incense to God, but the priests wouldn't let him and when he got angry, he got leprosy.
  • Period: 802 BCE to 742 BCE


    Menahem, the son of Gadi, killed Shallum and reigned in his place for ten years. But there was one city that didn't listen to him. He went to war against them and made sure that no one went against him again.
  • Period: 782 BCE to 732 BCE


    Pekah was the captain of Pekahiah's army. He killed him and reigned for twenty years in Israel. And he was killed by Hoshea.
  • Period: 773 BCE to 732 BCE


    Jotham was the Uzziah and was a king of Judah. He was 25 when he started reigning, and he reigned for 16 years. He did what was right in the sight of the Lord, and the Bible doesn't say anything bad about him. But his people doesn't follow God.
  • Period: 767 BCE to 740 BCE


    Pekahiah, the son of Menahem, reigned for 2 years. He didn't follow God. Pekah, his captain, killed him and started to reign.
  • Period: 762 BCE to 722 BCE


    Hoshea, the son of Elah, reigned over Israel for nine years. He didn't fear God, but he wasn't as bad as some of the kings before him. The king of Assyria found fault with him and bound him up in prison and took Israel captive. Then they sold them into slavery.
  • Period: 755 BCE to 715 BCE


    Ahaz, the son of Jotham, reigned in Judah for 16 years. He worshiped idols and burned his sons as offerings to them. God was mad, so he gave Judah in the hand of its enemies. Ahaz asked Assyria for help and gave them tribute. But the king of Assyria didn't help him. He just turned against him. Ahaz started worshiping the idols of Damascus that had defeated him because he thought that they would help him, but it didn't help.
  • 752 BCE


    Shallum, the son of Jabesh, killed the king Zechariah and reigned in Israel after him. But that only lasted one month. Menahem, the son of of Gadi, killed him and reined.
  • 752 BCE


    Zechariah, the son of Jeroboam, reigned in Israel for six months. He didn't follow God, and he worshiped the golden calves. Shallum, the son of Jabesh, conspired against him and killed him.
  • Period: 715 BCE to 686 BCE


    Hezekiah, the son of Ahaz, reigned in Judah for 29 years. He followed God and made the Levites consecrate themselves for the Passover. But not enough priests had not done that in time and they had to push the Passover back. He rebelled against Assyria and gave them all the silver in his house and in the temple and stripped the gold from the doors of the temple to give them.
  • 701 BCE

    Sennacherib invades Judah

    Sennacherib, the king of Assyria, wanted Judah's land. He conquered all the cities except for Jerusalem. They sent a messenger to Jerusalem to scare all the people. Hezekiah told God that he had to do something. That night, God sent an angel into the Assyrian camp and killed 185,000 of them.
  • Period: 697 BCE to 642 BCE


    Manasseh, who's Mother was Hephzibah and father Hezekiah, reigned in Judah for fifty-five years. He built the altars that his father tore down and worshiped them. He burned his sons and used fortune tellers. He was the worst king of Judah. He was captured by the Assyrians and sold to Babylon as a slave. He repented of his sins there and was released and was kings again.
  • Period: 643 BCE to 641 BCE


    Amon, the son of Manasseh, reigned in Judah for two years. He didn't follow God, and he worshiped idols. His servants conspired against him and kill him.
  • Period: 641 BCE to 609 BCE


    Josiah, the son of Amon, started reigning when he was 8 and reigned in Judah for 31 years. He followed God in his eight year, and in his 18 year, he cleansed Judah and they had a massive Passover. Then, he went into battle and died from an archer
  • 609 BCE


    Jehoahaz, the son of Josiah, reigned in Judah for three months. He didn't follow God. Then the king of Egypt laid a tribute on the land and made Jehoahaz's brother Eliakim king over Judah and changed his name. Jehoahaz was taken to Egypt by his brother Neco.
  • Period: 609 BCE to 598 BCE


    Jehoiakim, the son of Josiah, reigned in Judah for 11 years. His name was originally Eliakim, but the king of Egypt made him king and changed his name to Jehoiakim. He didn't follow God, and he was captured by Babylon and taken and put in prison.