Kings of Israel.

  • 1700 BCE

    Samuel hears Gods voice

    God called out to Samuel and told him what would happen to Eli and his sons.
  • Period: 1082 BCE to 1010

    Soul life

    this is souls life when he was king he was from the tribe of Benjamin.
  • 1052 BCE

    Samuel makes Saul king.

    Samuel makes Saul king.
    Samuel made soul king.
  • 1028 BCE

    David's life

    David's life
    David was born in Bethlehem.
  • 1025 BCE

    David and Goliath

    David and Goliath
    David killed him with a stone.
  • 1024 BCE

    Soul chases David

    Soul chases David
    Souls was full of hatred at David and wanted to kill him..
  • 1020 BCE

    Saul is king.

    Saul is king.
    Saul became a king and ruled Israel for 40 years.
  • 997 BCE

    David show mercy to Mephibosheth

    David show mercy to Mephibosheth
    he was the son of Jonathan David showed mercy and he lived on.
  • Period: 989 BCE to 929 BCE

    Samuels life

    He was dedicated to God by his mother to serve in the temple.
  • Period: 989 BCE to 931 BCE

    Solomon's Birth

    his mother was Bathsheba.
  • Period: 989 BCE to 929 BCE

    Solomon's reign.

    soloman reigned oover isreal.
  • 974 BCE

    David Numbers Israel

    David Numbers Israel
    thats what he did and a lot of people died because of him.
  • 970 BCE

    David Dies

    David Dies
    Solomon became king.
  • 969 BCE

    David Is ready to die.

    David Is ready to die.
    David is about to die and his son turns agents him.
  • 969 BCE

    Salomon crowned king

    Salomon crowned king
    Salomon was crowed while David is still alive.
  • 968 BCE

    Solomon's Wealth

    Solomon's  Wealth
    30 cows 100 sheep besides, deer, elk, etc.. per day.
  • 967 BCE

    Solomon Vision

    Solomon Vision
    That night when he was sleeping after offering a sacrifice. God came to him in a vision and asked him what do you want. He said give me wisdom. God said because we asked for this I will give you all of the above.
  • 967 BCE

    Solomon Wisdom

    Solomon Wisdom
    Two woman came to Solomon. they both had a son and one night one of then died. both of then wanted the baby. Solomon said cut the baby in half. one woman said cut him and the other woman said give that son to the other woman. Solomon said give him to the woman who pleaded for him.
  • 964 BCE

    Solomon's wife.

    he 300 concubines' and 700 wife's.
  • 962 BCE

    David told Solomon to kill Joab.

    David told Solomon to kill Joab.
    David told Solomon to kill some people on his death bed. Solomon killed Joab. He was killed in the tabernacle.
  • 959 BCE

    Solomon's temple.

    Solomon's temple.
    he dedicated the temple to God.
  • 957 BCE

    Building of the temple.

    Building of the temple.
    A lot of people came to built the temple. Solomon built the tabernacle and Israel was so rich that the stones on the ground were gold and silver was nothing.
  • Period: 936 BCE to 870 BCE

    Asa Israel Good

    Reign for 41 years. did right in the eyes of God. he also rebuilt the altar to God. God blessed him for his doings.
  • 931 BCE

    Rehoboam birth.

    son of Solomon.
  • 929 BCE

    Rehoboam's Revolt. - Judah - Bad.

    Rehoboam's Revolt. - Judah - Bad.
    the people asked the king to lower the taxes. the king went to seek consul the old consuls said lower but the young ones said raise higher. he listened to the young consul and raised the taxes. people got mad and the king started to flee. Reigned for 17 years. Had 18 wife and 60 Concubines'. Had 28 sons and 60 daughters.
  • 928 BCE

    Jeroboam's Idols

    Jeroboam's Idols
    He made two idol so that the people don't go worship in Israel in the temple. He set up two calf. father was Solomon.
  • 925 BCE

    Jeroboam - Israel bad.

    Jeroboam - Israel bad.
    Servant of Solomon. Was a good servant. In charge of the tribe of Joseph He will have ten tribes and you will be king. Said the prophet. Reigned for 21 years. the Levites went with him.
  • 923 BCE

    Jeroboam's Fall

    He was worshiped a bad god. A prophet came and confronted him. Then the kings arm froze up.
  • 920 BCE

    Rehoboam's Battle.

    Rehoboam's Battle.
    God turned away from him. they went to battle and took away treasures of the Lord had a battled with Egypt.
  • 911 BCE


    he had war all the days of his reign.
  • Period: 909 BCE to 907 BCE

    Nadab Israel Bad.

    son of Jeroboam. was evil in the sight of God. was assonated by Baasha. Reigned for 2 years.
  • Period: 907 BCE to 848 BCE

    Jehoshaphat Judah Good

    he reigned for 25 years. was a good king. made a marriage alliance with king Ahab.
  • 905 BCE

    Jeroboam Son gets sick

    Jeroboam Son gets sick
    the king sent his wife to the prophet to ask for her son. the prophet said as soon as you step in the house your son will die. the son died.
  • Period: 905 BCE to 891 BCE

    Baasha Israel Bad.

    was evil in the sight of God. reigned 24 years.
  • Period: 904 BCE to 850 BCE


    he was the most important prophet in the bible. he killed 450 false prophets. sent down fire and also can send down rain and makes it start. he was taken to heaven in a fire chariot.
  • Period: 904 BCE to 850 BCE


    he was the best prophet that ever lived and was taken to heaven by a fire chariot. he could also made there be a drought and also brought rain .
  • Period: 891 BCE to 885 BCE

    Omri Israel Bad.

    did evil in the sight of God he killed Zimri
  • Period: 891 BCE to 891 BCE

    Zimri Israel Bad.

    did evil in sight of God. Reigned 7 days. he also burred down the palace.
  • Period: 885 BCE to 863 BCE

    Ahab's reign

    he was the worst king ever. he reigned 22 years. his wife was jezebel.
  • 883 BCE

    Elijah heals widows son.

    he died and he healed him.
  • 881 BCE

    Elijah on Mt. Carmel.

    Elijah on Mt. Carmel.
    he sent down fire and killed the false prophets.
  • Period: 878 BCE to 852 BCE

    Ahaziah Israel Bad

    he was the son of ahab. he was a bad king reinged 2 years.
  • Period: 876 BCE to 814 BCE


    King of Israel. he killed the complete family of Ahab. reigned for 28 years.
  • 875 BCE

    Jehoshaphat's battle

    some cities turned against Judah. the king inquired of the lord. them he came out and started singing and the battle was won.
  • Period: 867 BCE to 840 BCE

    Ahaziah Israel Bad

    reigned 2 years had a problem with his feet and sent to sacrifice to a false prophet and Elijah sent down fire from heaven and burned him.
  • 866 BCE

    Naboth's Vineward.

    he was the owner of the vineward next to the palice. Ahad wanted it so he killed him.
  • Period: 860 BCE to 841 BCE

    Ahaziah Judah Bad.

    he fell and hurt his foot. then he sent his prophets to seek help from a false god. in the middle of this Elijah sent down fire from heaven 2 times.
  • Period: 852 BCE to 849 BCE

    Jehoram Israel bad

    he fight the Moabites and destroys them
  • 850 BCE

    Naaman's healing.

    he was the commander of the army of Syria. he had leprously. the prophet said to go in the Jordan river and 7 times dive or something like that. then he was healed.
  • Period: 848 BCE to 840 BCE

    Jehoram Judah Bad.

    his wife was the daughter of Ahab. he was bad. reigned 8 years.
  • 846 BCE

    the axe in the water.

    there was a axe that fell in the water and the prophet through a stick and the axe floated.
  • Period: 841 BCE to 834 BCE

    Queen Athaliah

    she was the daughter of Ahab. she killed her complete family expect 1 person. she reigned 7 years. she reigned over Judah.
  • Period: 834 BCE to 794 BCE

    Joash Judah Bad

    reigned 40 years. he was 7 years old when he became king did good then turned to evil.
  • 830 BCE

    Asa's mistake

    Asked the Syria's to attack Israel. they helped. he did not ask God to ask what to do. he got a foot infection. then he died. Judah.
  • Period: 824 BCE to 782 BCE

    Jehoash Israel Bad

    he reigned 16 years. the prophet was about to die he asked the king to shoot arrows out the window and the king did it only 3 times. the prophet was mad that he did not do more because he would completely destroy the Syrians . grandfather was Jehu.
  • Period: 808 BCE to 739 BCE

    Uzziah Judah Good

    he was a good king but came into the temple and gave the incense and got leprosies he reigned 52 years.
  • Period: 798 BCE to 799 BCE

    Hazel Syria

    he murdered Ben-hadad and become king himself.
  • 796 BCE

    Joash Mistake

    he murdered his brother in law in the temple by being stoned to death.
  • Period: 773 BCE to 732 BCE

    Jotham Judah Good

    son of Uzziah. reigned 16 years. in the bible it said nothing wrong about him.
  • Period: 769 BCE to 739 BCE

    Amaziah Judah Bad

    he was good but started to worship gods of Edom. reigned 29 years.
  • Period: 762 BCE to 722 BCE

    Hoshea Israel Bad

    last king. the Assyria came after him. they destroyed Israel. reigned 9 years.
  • Period: 755 BCE to 715 BCE

    Ahaz Bad Judah

    Syria attaches Judah destroyed it. they sent them back. lost the war.
  • Period: 752 BCE to 796 BCE

    Jehoahaz Israel Bad

    he reigned 17 years. there was a time when he repented but he did not stop worshiping the golden calf.
  • Period: 741 BCE to 686 BCE


    he was a good king that Judah had. he reigned for 29 years.
  • 739 BCE

    Zechariah bad Judah

    reigned for 6 months. last king from Jehu generation.
  • Period: 739 BCE to 729 BCE

    Menahem Israel Bad

    he reigned for ten years he was evil.
  • 738 BCE

    Shallum Judah Bad

    reigned 1 month.
  • 736 BCE

    The Passover

    the people were in battle and were not clean so they could not celebrate the Passover.
  • 731 BCE

    Assyrians Attack Israel

    they took over all the cities except for Jerusalem.
  • Period: 729 BCE to 709 BCE

    Pekahiah Israel Bad

    he reigned 20 years.
  • 726 BCE

    the Sickness

    Hezekiah got sick and God healed him and let him reign 15 more years.
  • 725 BCE

    Babylonian Envoy

    they came to see Hezekiah. the king showed them everything and the prophet said they will take over him.
  • Period: 709 BCE to 789 BCE


    reigned 20 years
  • Period: 709 BCE to 642 BCE

    Manasseh Judah Evil

    he did evil in the sight of the Lord. he was the worst king that the king had ever had before him. he reigned 55 years. he was 12 years old when he became king. he was sold as as a slave in Babylon. he humbled himself and prayer. He changed Gods mind.
  • Period: 665 BCE to 641 BCE


    he reigned 2 years. he did not humble himself. his own servants put him to death.
  • Period: 649 BCE to 609 BCE


    he was 8 years old when he became king. he destroyed all the bad Idols out. He repaired the temple. the law. you will be blessed. he completely restored it and celebrated it. in battle.
  • 641 BCE

    Destruction of the Idols.

    he destroyed them all.
  • Period: 634 BCE to 598 BCE

    Jehoiakim Judah Evil

    brother of the Pharo . he was 2 years old when he bacame king. he reigned 11 years.
  • 631 BCE

    restoration of the temple.

    he rebuilt the temple and a priest found a law on it.
  • Period: 618 BCE to 550 BCE

    Zedekiah Judah Evil

    he reigned 11 years. he rebelled against King Nebuchadnezzar.
  • 609 BCE

    Josiah's death

    he died in battle.
  • 609 BCE

    Jehoahaz Judah Evil

    he reigned 3 months. he was 23 years old when became king. son of Josiah. he was deposed by the king of Egypt.
  • 597 BCE

    Jehoiachin Judah Evil

    he reigned for 3 months and 10 days. his dad was Jehoiachin.
  • 594 BCE

    Gedialla Judah

    he was the governor of Judah. got killed by his own serevnt.
  • Period: 1 BCE to 2 BCE


    he was a protfet