Kings of Israel

  • Period: 1129 BCE to 1017 BCE


    Samuel was a prophet of the Lord. At a very young age he was took to the temple to serve the Lord. His mom had promised that if she could have a child she would give the child back to the Lord and Samuel was that child. Samuel was a very good prophet who obeyed the Lord.
  • 1119 BCE

    Samuels fist prophecy from God

    Samuels fist prophecy from God
    Samuel was in bed when night when he thought he heard Eli speaking so he went to him and said here I am but Eli said I did not call you and this happened two times. Then Samuel came a third time and Eli said go back and when the voice calls say here I am and the Lord will talk to you. So Samuel did what Eli said and got his fist prophecy from God.
  • Period: 1082 BCE to 1010 BCE


    Saul was a really good king at first he was very humble and obedient to what the lord said. But as Saul got older he lost all of his good character traits and started doing evil in the sight of the lord. He was doing so much evil that God said he regrated making him king.
  • 1063 BCE

    Jonathan tells David he kneads to run away

    Jonathan went to the field and told David his father was mad and he was going to need to run. This meant that he might never see his best friend ever again.
  • Period: 1062 BCE to 1010 BCE


    Johnathan was the son of Saul. He was David's best friend and was trying to save him from getting attacked from his father. Jonathan got killed in battle when he was mid aged.
  • 1052 BCE

    Saul is anointed king

    Saul is anointed king
    Israel wants a king so Samuel anoints Saul as king. Saul was so humble he did not want to be king he tried to make excuses and even tried hiding from the people but he got anointed any way. In the Bible it says that Saul was taller than everyone else and better looing.
  • 1052 BCE

    People beg Samuel to anoint a King

    People beg Samuel to anoint a King
    The people were begging Samuel to anoint a King like all the other tribes had. So Samuel asked God and said to anoint a king so Samuel searched the land for a king and found a man named Saul to anoint as king of Israel.
  • Period: 1040 BCE to 970 BCE


    David's life is a good example of biblical manhood. Even though he made a lot of mistakes he would always go back to God and ask for forgiveness for his sins.
  • 1029 BCE

    Saul offers a false offering

    Saul offers a false offering
    Saul was in war against the Philistines. But the people of Israel were losing so his army retreated. Saul sent for Samuel to come give a offering to God but he did not come. So Saul got impatient and made the offering to God himself even though only prophets were suppose to give offerings to God. Then Samuel came and said that Saul had done wrong and he would be punished.
  • 1028 BCE

    David is anointed king

    David is anointed king
    Samuel came to Jessie and told him that won of his sons was going to be anointed. Samuel went through all of them oldest to youngest. But then he asked if there were any more sons and jessie said that there was one more named David. So Jessi anointed David king and the spirit of the Lord came upon David.
  • 1025 BCE

    David fights Goliath

    David fights Goliath
    David was ought in the fields taking care of the sheep and his father came ought and told him to go to the battle and give his brothers some food. So David went and gave his brothers food. But while he was there a big Giant came out and David got mad because he was cursing Got. So David took three stones and went and killed the giant.
  • 1014 BCE

    David runs from Saul

    David runs from Saul
    Saul was chasing David for a long time because he thought David was trying to steal his kingdom. But David fled from him So Saul could not kill him. He even had two chances to kill and refused.
  • 1010 BCE

    Jonathan dies

    Jonathan dies
    Jonathan was fighting against the philistines and they started losing. Then he started trying to retreat but the Philistines chased after him and killed him.
  • 992 BCE

    David and Bathsheba

    David and Bathsheba
    David was on the top of his roof a when he should have been out at war when looked out and saw Bathsheba bathing. So then David went and commuted adulatory with her and sent her home the next day. Then she got pregnant so he tried to cover it up by making he husband come back from war and sleep with her but he refused so David put him in the front of the army so that he would get killed. Then David married her and thought no one will ever find out. But then a prophet said he would be punished
  • 978 BCE

    Absalom dies

    Absalom dies
    Absalom is very good looking and loved by a lot of David's kingdom. But he rebels and tries to take the kingdom of his father David. So he goes to war and his army is getting defeated so he runs away and while he was running away on is hoars his hair gets stuck in a tree and Joab runs over and stabs him even though David strictly said that no one should kill his son.
  • Period: 971 BCE to 931 BCE


    Solomon was a good king who was very wise. God gave him very much wisdom. But Solomon's fall was because he had so many wives.
  • 969 BCE

    Solomon's vison

    Solomon's vison
    God came to Solman and said that he could give him anything he wanted and Solomon asked for wisdom and God gave it to him,.
  • 968 BCE

    Solomon Judges the two woman

    Solomon Judges the two woman
    Two woman come to Solomon and both want the child because one died and they both claim the child. So Solomon said that he should cut the boy in half. The one woman wanted to do that and the other woman did not want to. So Solomon gave it to the woman who did not want to cut the child in half.
  • 957 BCE

    Solomon builds the temple

    Solomon builds the temple
    Solomon builds the temple with all the best craftsmen in the county. So Solomon dedicates the temple to Lord and the lord comes and dwells inside the temple.
  • Period: 936 BCE to 870 BCE


    Asia's father dies so he becomes King he was the son of Obed. Then he makes his first mistake by asking aseria for help instead of God. He was he good king even though he made some mistakes.
  • 935 BCE

    Jeroboam get Israel

    God tells Jeroboam he will get 12 tribes because Solomon rebelled. But Solomon tries to kill him so he fled to Egypt.
  • 929 BCE

    Jeroboam raises takes

    The people of Israel ask for less taxes. Then Jeroboam asks gets counsel and decides to raise takes so the he fleas the city
  • 928 BCE

    Jeroboam's Idols

    Jeroboam's Idols
    He made idols so the people did not worship in Israel. He was a servant of Solomon. He set up to golden cafes in the south and the north for the people to worship. He was King in Juda. reined 20 years.
  • 925 BCE

    Rehoboam wants to go to war

    Rehoboam wants to go to war
    Rehoboam wanted to go to war against Israel but a prophet told him not to. But he thought that Israel going to fight against him. So he built forts and hid soldiers in them.
  • 925 BCE

    Rehoboams battle

    God turns away from Rehoboam because he was sinning against him.
  • Period: 922 BCE to 931 BCE

    Jeroboam reign

    Was Solomon's servant and was in charge of the tribe of Joseph.
  • 920 BCE

    Jeroboams fall

    Jeroboams fall
    He was worshiping a false God and prophet said he was doing wrong. Then Jeroboam said to seas the man but his hand froze in place and then he begged God to make his arm come back and God made it better again.
  • Period: 909 BCE to 907 BCE


    He was the second king
  • Period: 907 BCE to 887 BCE

    Baasha reign

    He was the son of Ahijah. He led the people of Israel to sin. Him and his house was destroyed.
  • Period: 904 BCE to 850 BCE


    Elijah was Gods especial messenger to nothren northern kingdom of Israel during the great apostasy under Ahab
  • 900 BCE

    Jeroboam son gets sick

    Jeroboam son gets sick
    Jeroboams son gets sick so he sends his discussed wife to a prophet. The prophet says he will destroy the house of Jeroboam.
  • Period: 898 BCE to 836 BCE


    She was a bad king who reined in Juda. She destroyed all of the line of Jesus except one.
  • 895 BCE

    Elijah gets food

    God gives Elijah gets food from the raves and stays beside a brook for water.
  • Period: 887 BCE to 889 BCE


    Reigned two years. He was the son of Ashaha. Killed all the house of Basha.
  • Period: 878 BCE to 852 BCE


    He was the son of Ahab. He was a bad king.
  • Period: 876 BCE to 814 BCE


    Jehu was the best king of Israel. He honored God for most of his life but did not take the golden cafes out of Israel.
  • Period: 873 BCE to 851 BCE


    Ahab was a bad king who disobeyed God. He repented once but then went back to his evil ways. He had a evil wife whose name was Jezebel.
  • Period: 870 BCE to 845 BCE


    Jehoshaphat was a good king who honored God. He destroyed Idols and sent out teachers of God to teach the people. He also went in to battle and won by singing.
  • 863 BCE


    He did evil in the site of the lord he married Ahab's daughter and he reigned in Juda.
  • 860 BCE


    Hazel was the king of Sira he was a bad king he murdered Benade.
  • Period: 850 BCE to 798 BCE


    He was a bad king he worshiped false Gods. But he did one thing right when the Syrians were attacking them and he called upon God and God gave him a savior defeated the Syrians. But by the end of his reign his army was incredibly small.
  • 842 BCE

    Elisha heals a man of leapers

    Elisha heals a man of leapers
    Naaman was the commander of an army he had leprosy and a little servant told him a man that could heal him. So he went to the man whose name was Elisha and asked him to heal him and he told him to dip in the Jordan 7 times so he did and he was healed.
  • Period: 842 BCE to 796 BCE


    He regained in the Juda. His father was Ahaziah. He was saved because of his fathers sister. If he would not have saved the line of Jesus would be destroyed.
  • Period: 842 BCE to 796 BCE


    Son of Jehoahaz king of Israel. Reigned 16 years. His entire reign he was fighting with the Syrians. Then he goes to Elisha and askes for help and Elisha tells him to shoot an arrow out the window and strikes the arrows and Elisha says he will win the next three battles.
  • 840 BCE

    army surrounds Elisha

    army surrounds Elisha
    A army surrounded Elisha and Elisha blinded them and led them back to the king of Israel. Then the gave the army a feast and sent them back to there king.
  • Period: 840 BCE to 837 BCE


    He was the son of Ahab
  • Period: 821 BCE to 767 BCE


    He was the king of Juda he reigned after Joash. He was a good king at first then was a bad king at the end. The first thing he does is he excites all the people who killed his dad. He was told not fight against Moab because a God was not with him but he did any way. He then started worshiping edomites Gods. Then he was exicuted by his servants.
  • Period: 820 BCE to 753 BCE

    Jeroboam 2

    He gained land in Israel. He was bad in the sight of the Lord,.
  • Period: 802 BCE to 742 BCE


    He reigned 10 years. He paid the king of Syria not to attack. He reigned in Israel
  • Period: 800 BCE to 752 BCE


    He was a bad king he reigned one month. He was killed by Manahan. This guy destroyed Israel
  • 796 BCE

    Joash Stones cousin

    When the prophet died who had counselled Joash he became a bad king and refused to listen to any other prophets of God. He even stoned is adopted brother for trying to tell him not to worship Idols.
  • Period: 790 BCE to 770 BCE


    He was put on the throne after his father lost in battle.
  • Period: 782 BCE to 732 BCE


    He reigned for 20 years. He was killed by Hoshea.
  • Period: 776 BCE to 752 BCE


    He was a bad king. He was murdered by shalom.
  • Period: 773 BCE to 732 BCE


    He started reigning when he was 25 and he reigned 16 years. He did good in the site of the lord built and fortified cities.
  • Period: 767 BCE to 740 BCE


    He reined 2 years. He got killed by the captain of his army.
  • Period: 766 BCE to 686 BCE


  • Period: 762 BCE to 722 BCE


    He was a bad king he reigned for 9 years. During his reign the aserians attacked Israel and took them captive.
  • Period: 755 BCE to 715 BCE


    He was a bad king in the site of the lord. Syria attacked Israel during his reign. God sent Syria to attack his kingdom because he committed adulty. Israel sent all he captives and he moved the Altor of the lord.
  • Period: 741 BCE to 686 BCE


    He was a good king who honored the God. But at the end of his life he became a bit prideful.
  • 737 BCE

    Hezekiah passover

    Hezekiah passover
    Hezekiah had the first good Passover since Solomon had lived.
  • 731 BCE

    Assyrians attack Hezekiah

    Assyrians attack Hezekiah
    The Assyrians came to attack Hezekiah and the angel of the lord kills them all because they were mocking God
  • 725 BCE

    Hezekiah gets sick

    Hezekiah gets sick
    Hezekiah was very sick and a prophet came to him and he said that he was going to die. Then he prayed and God said he would heal him.
  • Period: 709 BCE to 642 BCE


    He was the worst king who ever reigned in Juda. So God made the Assyrians come and capture him and torture him. Then he begged for repentance and tore down the alters.
  • Period: 665 BCE to 641 BCE


    He just put more guilt on his self and was evil in the site of the lord and his servants killed him.
  • 664 BCE

    Josiah's twelfth

    In his twelfth year he took out all the idols and carved images out out of Juda. And burned all the bones of the bad priests.
  • 658 BCE

    Josiah rebuilt the temple

    In the eighteenth of his regain he collected money to rebuild the temple. And got all the best carpenters in the land to rebuild it and then he found the book of the law and made shore everybody obeyed it.
  • Period: 649 BCE to 609 BCE


    Josiah was 8 years old when he began to regain he honored God and was good king. He reigned 31 years.
  • Period: 634 BCE to 598 BCE


    He was 25 years old when he began to regain. He did what was evil in the site of the lord. He came up against babalion
  • Period: 632 BCE to 609 BCE


    He was the son of Jehu and was a bad king. He was deposed by king of Egypt.
  • Period: 618 BCE to 597 BCE


    He did what was evil in the site of the lord. He was 18 years old when he started to reign. king of Babylon killed him.
  • Period: 618 BCE to 550 BCE


    He was 21 years when he started he was evil in the site of the lord. He also rebelled against Nebuchadnezzar.
  • 609 BCE

    Josiah dies

    He met pharaoh and he killed him
  • Period: 550 BCE to 550 BCE


    Reigned 11 moths then his servants rebel and kill him.