The maze runner

The Maze Runner

  • Thomas Arrives at the Glade

    Thomas Arrives at the Glade
    Thomas wakes up in darkness with walls all around him. Then the walls come down and he sees several teen boys standing in front of him. One slaps him on the back and says, "Welcome to the Glade."
  • First Girl Ever Arrives

    First Girl Ever Arrives
    The first girl ever in the Glade history arrives. She brought a message with her from the "creators" of the maze. It said, "She's the last one. Ever." She also said out loud before she passed out that, "Everything is going to change."
  • Finding a Job

    Finding a Job
    When you are at the Glade, you get assigned to a job that you're best at. Some of the jobs are Sloppers, Bricknicks, Baggers, Track-hoe's, and Slicers. As Thomas is working at all of these different things to see which one he is best at, he doesn't like any of them. He has always known he has wanted to be a Runner! That is extremely hard to be, though.
  • Ben is Banished

    Ben is Banished
    Ben had been stung by a Griever before Thomas got there. He was going through The Changing and saw Thomas in bad ways in his memories. One night while Thomas was exploring the Glade, Ben attacked him. Ben would've killed Thomas if it weren't for Alby shooting him with an arrow. A night later, Ben was banished from the Glade for his maniac actions. To be banished is to put the person inside the maze at night right before the walls close. Nobody ever survives, since the Grievers come out then.
  • A Dreadful Night Out In the Maze

    A Dreadful Night Out In the Maze
    One day, Minho (keeper of the Runners) and Alby (main leader of the Glade) went out to look at a dead Griever that Minho had found. They hadn't showed back up to the Glade all day and everyone was getting worried. Just before the closing time of the walls, Minho and Alby were a few feet from the door. Alby had gotten stung by a Griever. Thomas ran into the maze to try to save them, but the doors closed and they were trapped in the maze for the night. Surprisingly, they survived the night.
  • Thomas Becomes a Runner

    Thomas Becomes a Runner
    After they survived the night in the maze, most Gladers realized what potential Thomas had. However, he did have to spend a day in "The Slamer," or jail, because he broke their number one rule: Don't ever go out in the maze at night. Thomas had been able to run a long ways and was athletic so Minho wanted him to become a runner. He had finally reached his goal of becoming a runner!
  • Voices; Strange Events

    Voices; Strange Events
    After Thomas's first big day as a Runner, he heard a voice in his head. It said, "Tom, I just triggered the Ending." He was really creeped out by it. He then realized that it was Teresa talking to him telepathically. When he woke up the next morning, the sun had disappeared. Things started to get weird in the Glade.
  • Things Coming Together

    Things Coming Together
    When Teresa finally wakes up from her coma, she tells Tom as many things as she can remember. She says that the maze is a code. A little bit later, when the walls were supposed to close at night, they didn't. This brought panic to everyone! Now Grievers could freely come into the Glade and kill anyone. That night, everyone had to sleep in one building. When the Grievers came, they only took one person. Things were getting even weirder.
  • The Maps

    The Maps
    Thomas had realized how to figure out the code for the maze. When each section of the maze changed at night, it changed letters. So one section had one letter, the other had another letter, the next had another letter, and eventually all eight sections put together would spell certain words. When they got all of the words figured out, they were, "Float, catch, bleed, death, stiff, and push." Thomas knew that they had to put these into a computer somewhere to open a door to get out of the maze.
  • The Frightening Reality

    The Frightening Reality
    Thomas later found out that the computer they had to put those code words into was down in the Griever hole out in the maze. They had to fight their way out. The night came where they had almost every Glader armed with some kind of weapon ready to fight the Grievers. Thomas and Teresa were the ones to jump down the Griever hole and put in the code.
  • The Fight - The Reward

    The Fight - The Reward
    As they came upon the Griever hole, there stood about 15 angry Grievers. The Gladers hadn't been expecting that, but they still were ready to fight. As they attacked and made a path for Thomas and Teresa to run and jump into the hole, there was blood and screaming. They got the code in after a little bit, and then the Grievers all shut down and a door opened. Half of the Gladers were left. They all went through the escape door and found themselves in front of the creators. They had escaped!