Rosalind Franklin and World War II

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  • Rosalind is born.

    Rosalind is born.
    Rosalind is born in Notting Hill, London to her loving parents Muriel and Elsie Franklin.
  • Boarding School

    Boarding School
    Rosalind was sent to the Lindores School for Young Ladies boarding school at age 9.
  • St. Paul's Girls School

    St. Paul's Girls School
    Rosalind begins at St. Paul's Girls School. She excelled at sports, science, and Latin. She left with a scholarship of 30 euros a year for three years.
  • Newnham College

    Newnham College
    Rosalind goes to Newnham College. She excelled in physical chemistry.
  • Britain declares war on Germany.

    Britain declares war on Germany.
    Germany invades Poland, causing Britain and France to declare war on Germany.
  • Germany starts bombing Britain.

    Germany starts bombing Britain.

    Rosalind begins to work at BCURA (British Coal Utilization Research Association). She studied the structure of coal and graphite using x-ray crystallography techniques.
  • World War II Ends.

    World War II Ends.
    Germany surrenders after the Western Allies and the Soviet Union invade Berlin.
  • Paris

    Rosalind moves to Paris to pursue her work with x-ray crystallography. She used this technique to study the structures of radon and crystals. She worked at the Laboratoire Central des Services Chimiques de l'Etat alongside Jacques Mering.
  • King's College

    King's College
    Rosalind Franklin begins at King's College in London, working with Maurice Wilkins to study the structure of DNA.
  • Photo-51

    Rosalind takes her famous image called "Photo-51."
  • Photo-51 is stolen

    Photo-51 is stolen
    Maurice Wilkins steal's Rosalind's image of DNA and shows it to James Watson and Francis Crick. This, however, was done without Rosalind's permission.
  • Birkbeck College

    Birkbeck College
    Rosalind studies the structures of a virus called TMV, Watson and Crick begin to study viruses and RNA as well.
  • Ovarian Cancer

    Ovarian Cancer
    Rosalind is diagnosed with ovarian cancer. She had two tumors removed, but the cancer came back later in her life.
  • Rosalind dies.

    Rosalind dies.
    Rosalind died of ovarian cancer at the age of 38.