By the v
  • when born

    when born
    ronnie barret was born in mufresso boro tennisee 1954
  • photography time

    photography time
    Ronnie Barret became a photographer when he owned a studio
  • help making the barret m28

    help making  the barret m28
    a couple dasys later a man named bob mithcel helped ronnie barret with the barret 50 ca;l sniper rifle
  • the wepon was made

    the wepon was made
    1980 the barret 50 cal was invented it was put in service in 1989
  • we did it

    we did it
    after the barret50cal's birth they tested it alot , how far , longand the power so the soliders can use it for assasination .They let the soliders test it to they shot down a helicopter .So ronnie barret proved that after mant tests it had a lot of power
  • im still here

    im still here
    and today ronnie barret still lives today and he might bring up another wepon or something interesting