Romeo and juliet1

Romeo + Juiliet TimeLine

  • Sunday Morning

    Sunday Morning
    Romeo is 'in love' with Rosaline. Or so he thinks so. He is captivated by her beauty, but he barley knows her. Rosaline is a nun and wouldn't be with Romeo to begin with.
  • Sunday Afternoon

    Sunday Afternoon
    A 'street fight' between the Montague and Capulet families breakout. No one is drastically hurt, but it uproars the city of Verona. (distrupting peace.) The prince is not happy.
  • Sunday Evening

    Sunday Evening
    The Capulets hold a masked ball at there place.
    - Romeo is disguised by a mask.
    Romeo spots Juliet and falls deeply in love almost instantly. Love at first sight.
  • Sunday Night

    Sunday Night
    Romeo and Juliet meet, and they realized that she is a Capulet and he is a Montague. Even though they know about this problem they feel as though their love will be strong enough to fight through this. With that feeling, the decide to marry.
  • Period: to

    Romeo and Juliet Timespan

  • Monday Morning

    Monday Morning
    Plans are made and organized for the wedding that is upcoming between Romeo and Juliet. Only the nurse, Frair, Romeo and Juliet are aware of the marriage.
  • Monday, Early in the Afternoon

    Monday, Early in the Afternoon
    Romeo and Juliet get married by the preist, Friar Laurence.
    Also the Nurse helps Romeo with plans to 'visit' Juliet during the night.
  • Monday, Late Afternoon

    Monday, Late Afternoon
    Mercutio is killed by Tybalt in a brutal fight.
    Romeo out of revenge kills Tybalt!
  • Monday Night

    Monday Night
    Prince of Verona banishes Romeo from Verona for killing Tybalt.
    Unaware of the wedding that Juliet has already had, Capulet arranges for Juliet to marry Paris.
  • Early, Early Tuesday Morning

    Early, Early Tuesday Morning
    Romeo and Juliet leave eachother after spending the night together
  • Tuesday Morning

    Tuesday Morning
    Juliet refuses to betray Romeo by following her fathers wishes and marrying Paris. She decided that she will commit suicide rather than marrying Paris.
  • Tuesday Afternoon

    Tuesday Afternoon
    Friar Laurence tells Juliet to pretend to take this poison and fake her death, therefore letting her to escape to Romeo. Since she now knows that she will be able to escape, she tells her father that she will marry Paris. With that, her father moves the wedding to Wednesday.
  • Tuesday night

    Tuesday night
    Juliet takes the potion.
  • Wednesday Morning

    Wednesday Morning
    The nurse goes into Juliet's room to get her ready for the wedding when she soon discovers that Juliet is 'dead'. The Capulet family is informed with this horrible news, and the wedding plans are changed to funeral plans.
  • Wednesday Afternoon

    Wednesday Afternoon
    Romeo's 'eyes' in Verona tell Romeo what happened to his Juliet. He is completely torn with the news of his wife. He doesn't completly believe what he was told and went to Verona to see for himself.
    - he plans to commit suicide
  • Thursday Morning/Evening

    Thursday Morning/Evening
    Romeo arrives at Verona and sees Juliet 'dead' in her coffin. He is overwhelmed with what he saw and killing himself to be with her seems to be the only way. But, Paris sees Romeo and they break into a deathly match. Romeo slays Paris, who now is dead. As juliet is awaking Romeo is taking the poison. As Romeo is dying, Juliet stabs herself to death.
  • Thursday Afternoon

    Thursday Afternoon
    The tragic love story comes to an end and the Montague and Capluet realize the love Romeo and Juliet had for eachout and end their feud.
    " For never was a story of more woe than this of Juliet and her Romeo."