Romeo and Juliet Timeline

  • Romeo falls in love with Rosiline

    Romeo is a Guy who only cares for Rosiline because of how babilicious she is
  • Street Fight Between Capulates and Montagues

    This fight happens because Sampson of the Montagues bites his thumb at the Caplate family "Do you bite your thumb at me sir???"
  • Romeo crashes the Capulate party

    Romeo goes to the Capulate house party because he has noticed his "love of his life" Rosiline is on the guest list.
  • Romeo and Juliet learn there true identity's

    Romeo and Juliet meet at the capulets party, fall in love and then learn they may never be together because of the names.
  • Romeo finds juliet outside her bedroom, under the balcony

    Romeo and juliet confess there love to eachother outside the capulets house "do no swear on the moon for it is always changing"
  • Romeo and Juliet plan for there marrige

    Romeo and Juliet plan a date for them to be married by friar lawrence
  • romeo ans juliet get married

    friar lawrence marries Romeo and Juliet desipe that he might be killed as a consequence
  • murcutio killed by Tybalt

    Tybalt stabs Murcutio underneath Romeos arm
  • Tybalt killed by Romeo

    Romeo kills Tybalt out of anger of his recently killed friend
  • Prince Exciles Romeo

    Romeo is exciled because he has killed tybalt. "For who shall pay for the death of murcutio if tybalt is slayn
  • Juliet refuses to marry parris

    Juliets parents threaten to thrown her out on the street if she doesnt marry paris
  • juliet kills herself

    when juliet wakes up and finds romeo dead she stabs herself and dies
  • Romeo leaves to Manchua

    Romeo says last goodbye to Juliet and leaves to go to Manchua
  • Juliet plans to kill herself

    Friar lawrence gives Juliet a plan to pretend to kill herself so her and romeo can reunite
  • Juiets wedding with paris is moved up to wednesday

    juliets wedding is moved up one day early from thursday to wednesday
  • juliet takes the sleeping potion one day early

    juliet takes the sleeping potion one day early whitch is bad because romeo doesnt know the plan get
  • juliet is discovered dead

    juliet is found dead and thrown in the capuletes celler
  • Romeo gets the news that juliet is dead

    Romeo's servent tells her that his love of his life is dead
  • Romeo kills Paris

    Romeo kills Paris while in the capulete celler
  • romeo kills himself

    Romeo takes posion and dies instantly next to juliet