Romeo and Juliet Act V

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    Romeo dreams of his death.

    Romeo dreams that he will day and wake up seeing Juliet as an angel.
  • 2

    Romeo buys potion of death.

    Romeo buys a potion of death from the apothecary because he heard of Juliet's death.
  • 3

    Friar Laurence notices that Romeo never got the letter.

    Friar Laurence hears from Friar John that he could not get the letter to Romeo, because people in the city thought he was exposed to the black plague.
  • 4

    Paris and his page enter the churchyard/

    Paris and his Page enter the churchyard to visit Juliet's grave at night.
  • 5

    Romeo and Balthasar enter the churchyard.

    Romeo and Balthasar go to the churchyard to visit Juliet's grave.
  • 6

    Paris dies at churchyard.

    Romeo and Paris fight and Romeo kills Paris not knowing who he was.
  • 7

    Romeo lays Paris in Juliet's tomb.

    Romeo lays Paris in Juliet's tomb after he kills him.
  • 8

    Romeo dies.

    Romeo drinks the potion that he bought from the apothecary and dies.
  • 9

    Juliet wakes up.

    Juliet wakes up from her tomb because the effect of her potion wore off.
  • 10

    Juliet takes Romeo’s dagger and kills herself.

    Juliet notices Romeo dead beside her so she joins him by stabbing herself with Romeo's dagger.