Romeo and Juliet

By 934162
  • Romeo meets Juliet

    Act 1, Romeo thinks he found his true love in Rosaline untill he meet Juliet at her fathers party
  • act 2

    Remo speaks to Juliet at her window.The hatred among there families make it for them to be together.
  • act 3

    Tybalt stab kills Mercutio out of revenge Romeo kills Tybalt.
  • act 4

    Juliet agrees to marry Paris,because friar lawrence has agreed to gave her a potion that she can take the night before the wedding to make her appear dead.Then she will be barred and Romeo will come and retrieve when she wakes up.
  • act 5

    Romeo finds out dy balthasar that Juliet had died and put in a tomb.So Romeo goes and buys posion to kill his self.He goes to the tomb and dies and when Juliet sees that Romeo had killed him self and she takes a knife and kils her self.