Romeo and Juliet

Timeline created by Blake Chenowith
  • Romeo's Dream

    In the night he had a dream that he had died and Juliet and revived by kissing him.
  • Romeo Learns that Juliet is "Dead"

    That morning Balthasar tells Romeo that Juliet had died and that she is with the angels.
  • Romeo Buys Potion

    Later that day Romeo goes to the Apothecary to buy a poisonous potion to kill himself.
  • Friar Laurence learns about the letter

    Friar John tells Friar Laurence that the next day that he could not get the letter delivered because of the plague they were worried he had it.
  • Paris at Juliet grave

    That night Paris goes to Juliet's grave to put flowers on it.
  • Romeo arrives at Juliet's grave

    Romeo gets to Juliet's grave a little bit after Pairs gets there.
  • Paris and Romeo see each other

    Paris sees Romeo and tries to arrest him for breaking into the grave and Romeo tells him to go but Paris doesn't listen and they fight and Romeo kills Paris
  • Romeo Respects Paris

    Romeo lays Pairs in the tomb with Juliet to respect him.
  • Romeo Dies

    Romeo drinks the poison potion by Juliet and dies and lays right beside her.
  • Juliet Dies and Everyone's there

    Juliet sees that Romeo had killed himself and then she proceeds to stab herself and then lays on top of him and then everyone arrives and figures out what happened.