Romeo and Juilet - Events

  • Sampson and Gregory argue with Abram

  • Benvilio tries to break up the fight. Benvolio fights with Tybalt

  • Montague and Capulet enter and argue. A riot occurs.

  • The Princes breaks it up.

  • Romeo is Lovesick for Rosiline.

  • Paris discusses with Lady Capulet about Juliet.

  • Juliet talks with nurse about her wedding.

  • Romeo, Benvilio and Mercutio break into the Capulet Ball.

    Romeo wanted to go the ball to see Rosiline.
  • Romeo meets Juliet at the Ball.

    He was going the light while the other Montagues were dancing
  • The couple decide to marry.

    Even though their parents are enemies, they swore to marry.
  • Plans for the wedding are made.

  • They marry by the frair and meet at night.

  • Tybalt kills Mercutio.

  • Romeo kill Tybalt for killing Mercutio.

  • Romeo gets banished.

    He does not know that Paris will marry Juliet on thursday.
  • Juliet rejects Paris

  • Juliet takes fake poison suggested by the Frair.

  • Her "funeral" was arranged.

  • Romeo learns about the "death" of Juliet.

  • Romeo returns to her coffin, Paris was killed and he commits suicide.

  • Juliet stabs herself and the rivalry ends between Montague and Capulet