Romantic era

Romantic Era

  • Birth of Beethoven

    Birth of Beethoven
  • University of Berlin founded

    University of Berlin founded
  • Period: to

    Romantic Era

    Romantic Era music was focused on emotional content and they preferred large productions.
    Melodies were expansive and drew out musical thoughts.
    Sevenths, ninths, and harmonic chromaticism was written in almost every work.
    Tonality was diatonic and cadences were used to end classical phrases.
    Sonata, variation, ritornello, and rondo became popular and used widely.
    Orchestra became the main form of compositional style, and string, brass, woodwind, and sometimes percussion instruments were used.
  • Birth of Chopin

    Birth of Chopin
  • Birth of Schumann

    Birth of Schumann
  • Beethoven Performs "Freundschaft ist die Quelle in C"

  • Antartica is Discovered

    Antartica is Discovered
  • Beethoven Performs "O Tobias"

  • Buschmann creates the Accordion

    Buschmann creates the Accordion
  • Chopin Performs "Rondo à la mazur in F major"

  • Beethoven Performs "Wir irren allesamt"

  • Death of Beethoven

    Death of Beethoven
  • Chopin Performs " Introduction and Polonaise brillante in C major"

  • Chopin Performs "Rondo in E♭ major"

  • Birth of Brahms

    Birth of Brahms
  • Sax creates the saxophone

    Sax creates the saxophone
  • Birth of Tchaikovsky

    Birth of Tchaikovsky
  • Schumann Performs "Genoveva"

  • Schumann Performs "Spanisches Liederspiel"

  • Death of Chopin

    Death of Chopin
  • Schuman Performs "Rhenish"

  • Schumann Performs "Der Rose Pilgerfahrt" oratorio

  • Brahms Performs "Geistliches Lied"

  • Death of Schumann

    Death of Schumann
  • Brahms Performs "Prelude and Fugue in G minor"

  • Creation of Big Ben in London

    Creation of Big Ben in London
  • Yellowstone National Park is created

    Yellowstone National Park is created
  • Tchaikovsky Performs "Vakula the Smith"

  • Tchaikovsky Performs "Sérénade mélancolique"

  • Brahms Performs "Tragic Overture"

  • Tchaikovsky Performs "The Nutcracker"

    Tchaikovsky Performs "The Nutcracker"
  • Death of Tchaikovsky

    Death of Tchaikovsky
  • Death of Brahms

    Death of Brahms