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  • George W. Ferris created the Ferris Wheel

    George W. Ferris created the Ferris Wheel
    Ferris began his carrer in the railroad industry and then persued an interest in bridge building. He built the ferris wheel for the 1893 World's Fair which was held in Chicago to commemorate the 400th anniversary of Columbus's landing in America.
  • Circular Swing in vented

    Circular Swing in vented
    The men powered the
  • Wheels added on the ferris wheel

    Wheels added on the ferris wheel
    George Washington Gale Ferris Jr. draws plans for his Ferris Wheel. He planned for the wheel to be 250 feet across and be supported by two towers that were 140 feet across. The wheel would have 36 cars and be able to carry 60 people. The wheel was built to down play the Eiffel Tower.
  • Overwhelming of debt

    Overwhelming of debt
    Due to his overwhelming debt, Ferris began to take offers for his wheel. It sold for $1800.
  • Destroyed and sold

    Destroyed and sold
    The wheel was destroyed and sold as scrap iron
  • El Bridge

    El Bridge
    Sullivan built his "El Bridge." He was more concerned with commercialization than size.
  • WonderWheel

    The early 1920’s mark new innovations in ferris wheels. The "Wonder Wheel" is built at Coney Island. This ride was considered more exciting by passengers. The "Swooper" is invented and known for the ease of loading. This ride held two people and was pulled on a track by steel cables. It cannot be found anymore.