Rock Your Decade 2000's

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    Jean Chretien

    One of Chrétien’s earliest successes came shortly after his arrival in Ottawa, when he spearheaded the campaign to change the name of Canada’s major airline from Trans-Canada Airlines to Air Canada.
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    War/ Milatary

    Peacekeeping 2000 albenmia
    2003 senal and D.R.C
    Afghanistan Acts
  • Local Issue

    Local Issue
    Ecoli contamination in the publ;ic water system in Walkerton, Ontario. Test werent done at a timly manner and the contamination spread to quickly and 2500 people became fataly ill.
  • World Events

    World Events
    9/11 terrorist attack on the twin towers in New york. Closed down Air Space and tanked the economy for awhile. Effected Canada because all planes destined for the U.S.A had to reroute to Canada.
  • Race Issues

    Race Issues
    280 anti-sematic issues, reported Wallie Fowler was a member of Canadian Forces and was discriminated againts.
    Social integration of immagrantts is an on going issue.
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    Canada Men's Olympic Hockey Team

    2002 Salt Lake city, Utah Gold medal
    2006 Turin, Italy came 7th place
    2010 Vancouver, 1st place
  • Economy

    Deficits, Blamed on financial imbalance.
    2003 oil; $30/ barrel
    2006 oil; $60/barrel
    2008 oil; $147.30/barrel
  • Paul martin Changes Canada

    Paul martin Changes Canada
    Paul Martin was prime minister from 2003 - 2006 and changes Canada in many different ways. One of them being he approach to First Peoples and signed an accord which marked a clear and direct step in the right direction in terms of addressing the problems of First Peoples.
  • women issues

    women issues
    Pay equity
    Abortion issues
    Creeping Conservation (backlash)
  • Aboriginal issues

    Aboriginal issues
    Fighting for land
    High precentage of aboriginals in prison
    Low graduation rate
    majority of families live in poverty
  • Technology

    Cell phones 3G and 4G
    LED Tv's
    Touch screen devices
  • Government

    Prime Minister Stephen Harper signalled his government will bring forward “major transformations” to the country in the coming months — in areas such as the retirement pension system, immigration, science and technology investment and the energy sector