Rock N Roll

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    Rock through the ages

  • Elvis performs at Grand Ole Opry

    Elvis performs at Grand Ole Opry
    Elvis was told by the manager that he wasn't bad but wasn't cut out for the part.
  • Folsom Prison Blues Debuts

    Folsom Prison Blues Debuts
    The record later went on to become a country top 5 at the time with it's hit single," I walk the line".
  • The Day Music Died

    The Day Music Died
    A small plane carring three of America's biggest rock stars including Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, and The Big Bopper were fatally wounded shortly after take off. The event was given this nickname by Don Mclean when he sung about the event in the song he wrote, "American Pie".
  • Surf Music

    Surf Music
    The early 1960'a was when surf music was in it's prime, majorly influenced in southern California. The Beach Boys, The Bellairs, and The Challengers were just a few of the well known surf music bands. This genre usually consisted of a guitar, bass, drums, and keyboard but frequently included more classical instruments.
  • Soul Music

    Soul Music
    Soul music's origins consisted of old slave work songs, and was prodominently popular in Detroit. The two main soul record labels at the time were Stax Records and Motown. While soul music originated in Detroit, it made it's mark in cities such as New Orleans and Chicago.
  • The Beatles make their debut

    The Beatles make their debut
    The beatles made their fisrt public national debut in 1964 on the Ed Sullivan show. The beatles were always on the billboard top 100 in this time period and later went on to earn their spot in the top ten artists of all time.
  • Aretha Franklin records "Respect"

    Aretha Franklin records "Respect"
    "Respect", a well known hit in the current time, was recorded in Atlantic Studios by Aretha Franklin.
  • Rolling Stone Magazine Debuts

    Rolling Stone Magazine Debuts
    This magazine was originally designed to cover rock n roll and anything in the rock music culture. Some of the greatest rock artists of all time have been feutured in Rolling Stone including John Lennon, The Beatles, Jim Morrison, and Jimi Hendrix
  • The Beatles make last public performance

    The Beatles make last public performance
    On this date The Beatles performed their last public jam session on a rooftop in England. Shortly after this the band broke up and both John McCarthy and John Lennon went on to make it as solo artists. Ringo Starr also went on to become a solo act but never made it as big as the other two members of the band.
  • Woodstock 69

    Woodstock 69
    Three day gathering of peace, love, and music. Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin headlined. Along with other performances by The Grateful Dead and Creedance Clearwater Rivial
  • Jimi Hendrix's Death

    Jimi Hendrix's Death
    On September 18, 1970, Jimi Hendrix died of complications caused by medical perscriptions and alcohol. It is said that Jimi took some of his girlfriends sleeping pills, unknownly how strong they were Jimi took way too many and passed away in his own vomit. Jimi was known for being the man that introduced a new way of playing the guitar. He evovled the guitar from very technical use to a sound with more sound effects.
  • Jim Morrison's Death

    Jim Morrison's Death
    On this date Jim Morrsison passed away from what was reported to be Heart Failure. This is highly disputed however; due to the fact that they never performed an autopsy on the dead singer/poet for the Doors. Morrison is one of the artists to join the 27 Club, which means he is grouped with artists that all died at the age of 27.
  • Country Rock

    Country Rock
    Country rock consisted mainly of old country back tones and harmonies but with rock riffs and guitars. Similar to coutnry rock is southern rock which consisted of bands such as, Lynyrd Synyrd and the Allman Brothers.
  • Punk Rock

    Punk Rock
    Punk music was mainly becoming popular in the UK at this time, although there was a small following within the states. Punk rock was fueled from teenage anxiety and sexual confusion.
  • Three members of Lynyrd Skynyrd die in Plane Crash

    Three members of Lynyrd Skynyrd die in Plane Crash
  • AC/DC's Highway to Hell album is Released

    AC/DC's Highway to Hell album is Released
    AC/DC was one of the first succesful Australlian bands to make it into the American Mainstream. With Angus Young's stage antics including his school boy uniform and Bon Scott's pipes, it seemed as if there was no stopping the young Australian band.
  • John Lenon Dies

    John Lenon Dies
    John Lennon, known for his time with the Beatles and also as a popular solo artist, was shot outside his apartment shortly before he got into through the door in 1980. He was shot down by Mark David Chapman who said he was inspired by the book, "The Catcher an the Rye".