Rock and Roll Events

  • First Rock and Roll Song (Start of Rock and Roll)

    First Rock and Roll Song (Start of Rock and Roll)
    Rocket 88 is the largest contendor for the title of first Rock and Roll song. Ike Turner wrote the song
  • Alan Freed uses term Rock and Roll

    Alan Freed uses term Rock and Roll
    Freed started playing Rhythm and Blues music under the Phrase Rock and Roll thus coining the phrase.
  • Release of Heartbreak Hotel

    Release of Heartbreak Hotel
    With the release of "Heartbreak Hotel" Rock and Roll was brought before a greater audience as it was injected into the American Lifestyle. As the best selling single of 1956 it made the name Elvis Presley and the term "Rock and Roll" known throughout the world.
  • The Beatles are created

    The Beatles are created
    The Beatles opened the doors for Rock and Roll to the UK throughout the 1960's and took the American Billboard by storm in 1963. As the holders of the record for most albums sold in both the US and the UK there is no wonder as to why they are possibly the most influential rock and roll band.
  • The Jimi Hendrix Expieriance

    The Jimi Hendrix Expieriance
    Managed by the same manager of the Rolling Stones, The Jimi Hendrix Expieriance underwent a Rock and Roll transformation.
  • Rolling Stone Magazine

    Rolling Stone Magazine
    Originally a Magazine entirely devoted to the documenting of music and its story. Created by Jann Wenner and Ralph
  • Woodstock

    Possibly the most pivotal moment in Rock and Roll history, the Woodstock music and arts festival hosted the biggest bands all in one place. More people to attend and single event at any one time., this Aquarian Exposition seated itself on Rolling Stones "50 Moments That Changed the History of Rock and Roll"
  • Hard Rock Cafe opens

    Hard Rock Cafe opens
    Now a chain of restoraunts and casinos but back in the 70's they were dedicated to providing good food with an atmosphere of Rock and Roll History.
  • MTV Launches

    MTV Launches
    As the only television network completely devoted to Music and Pop Culture MTV found itself amongst the most powerful Networks in the world.
  • Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

    Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
    An entire museum dedicated to the archiving of the most influential and best known Rock and Roll artists and producers.