Robot timeline

  • 401

    Mechanical bird

    Mechanical bird
    In 401 AD a mechanical bird was created and was air powered. This lead to the invention of flight and helped creat ways of predicting flight patters.
  • Jan 9, 725

    Mechanical clock

    A Chinese engineer, Liang Lingzan, and a Buddhist monk, Yi Xing, created a mechanical clock that was operated by water. This device contained an escapement which allowed it to tick.
  • Jan 9, 830


    Hero of Alexandria created automata which means close to nature. His primary purposes for creating these were for religion and theater. He also created a machine to open doors. This idea lead to mechanical doors and gates of the time period today.
  • Jan 9, 1088

    The Cosmic Engine

    The Cosmic Engine
    The cosmic engine chimed every hour with musical instuments using mannequins that held different instuments. This led to the inventions of clock towers etc.
  • Jan 1, 1495

    The anthrobot, humanlike

    The anthrobot, humanlike anthrobot was created by Leonardo Da Vinci primarily to amuse royalty. Although today engineers today have used this invention to be used by NASA for space exploration and creation of a space station.
  • Period: Jan 1, 1500 to

    16th- 19th century

  • Jacques de Vaucanson

    Jacques de Vaucanson
    Jacques created robots that played musical instruments. These robot created entertainment for people and helped in the musical industry.
  • Pierre Jaquet-Droz

    Pierre Jaquet-Droz
    This swiss clock maker created some of the first wrist watches and then in later years joined up with his son to creat three dolls. One wrote, one played music, and the other could draw. The dolls can be seen as some of the influences on robots used in assembely lines to write newspapers.
  • Automated Loom

    Automated Loom
    Joseph Jacquard built an automated loom that used punched cards. Punch cards are what were used to operate earliest 20th century computers.
  • Charles Babbage

    Charles Babbage
    Charles is said to be the Father of the Computer. he used punch cards in his inventions and used them in front of royalty. This is the beginning of computer science.
  • Nikola Tesla

    Nikola Tesla
    Nikola builds a romote control robot boat. This could be the stepping stone of many of the toys created today and also military equipment that is used to search for things.
  • Period: to

    20th century

  • UAV

    In 1933 the first unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) was the radio-controlled “Fairey Queen” biplane. This was a huge step in the military reducing the risk of soldiers.
  • UAV in China

    This UAV was release to survey China and take pictures which is very helpful to the military once again reducing the risk of people getting injured.
  • Death by robot

    The first death by a robot was recorded when a Japanese factory worker was killed by a hydrolic arm while he was working in the factory. This is the first death while working with robots.
  • Robots in school

    An inventor named Dean Kamen created a robotics competition which started to introduce robots in the schools. This was informing more people about robots getting them well known.
  • Honda

    Honda created a human like robot that could complete all the basic task such as walking and going up stairs. This possibly lead to the creation of robotic appendages.
  • Period: to

    21st century

  • Period: to Dec 31, 1499

    1Ad-15th century


    Honda updates their robot ASIMO and makes it more humanlike. This is showing the incline of robots in our society today
  • Robots worldwide

    The UN estimated that there were 742,500 robots in the world most of which being used in Japan. This shows that if we keep using robots there will be millions and millions of robots worldwide.
  • Space

    Canada realesed space station remote manipulator into space. This is showing important space improvements allowing us to do more outside of earth.
  • Smallest Robot

    Smallest Robot
    Epson releases the smallest robot that has a camera on it. They hope that in the future they can use it to overlook natural disasters without any issues.
  • Replication robots

    Replication robots
    In 2005 at Cornell the first replicating robot was created. This innovated technology shows that in the near future robots will have minds of their own allowing humans to not have to do anything.