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  • The First Robot

    The First Robot
    The first robot was made by George Devol
  • The First Robotic Surgery

    The First Robotic Surgery
    The first documented use of a robot-assisted surgical procedure occurred in 1985 when the PUMA 560 robotic surgical arm was used in a delicate neurosurgical biopsy, a non-laparoscopic surgery.
  • First Surgery

    In 1999, the first use of robotic surgery in order to do this procedure was documented. The procedure took a total of 90 minutes to complete and there were no complications
  • daVinci system

    daVinci system
    The daVinci system was used on 131 patients undergoing CABG in a similar stepwise fashion (1998–2000) as compared to the ZEUS system.
  • FDA Approval

    FDA Approval
    In October 2001, the Cyber Knife radio-surgical robotic system (Accuracy, Madison, WI) received FDA approval and it is useful for the radiation therapy of cancers, tumors, and other lesions.
  • Study on Non-randomized

    Study on Non-randomized
    In 2002 another study looked at 40 consecutive, non-randomized patients. The results were almost identical to the 2001 study, but the author remarked that current level of robotic surgical expertise may be a huge confounding factor to the results.
  • Multi-Institutional series

    In 2003 there was a multi-institutional series of 107 patients that underwent robot-assisted gastric bypass surgery.
  • Double-binded study

    Double-binded study
    in 2004, there was a randomized, double-blinded study between the Acrobot and conventional knee replacement that showed that the robotic system allowed for consistent and accurate placement of the prosthetic implant that simply was not present in the conventional method. All 13 of the robotic knees were within 2 degrees of the desired orientation whereas only 6 of 15 of the conventional knee replacements were within this degree of accuracy
  • War Testing

    War Testing
    The army designed the RAVEN in 2005 and it serves as a foundation for further research and development into the field of robotic surgery.
  • Invention of MIROSURGE

    Invention of MIROSURGE
    The MIROSURGE robotic system developed in 2009 is currently just a prototype undergoing limited testing