Project Robos4kids activities

Timeline created by Irma Ghaniashvili
  • Robos4kids

    About the project: The project aims to increase students' interest in STEM subjects, motivating them to study natural sciences and engineering. Students learn the basics of computer technologies from an early age. Arduino lessons will deepen Their interest in technology. They will learn the basics of robotics to the level that they can design and program a robot in the classroom. The work will be shared with peers involved in the project.
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    Learning Robotics

    Students will seek information and learn how to use Arduino.
  • Logo proposals and contest

    Project logo competition
  • Create groups

    The first group meeting was held. The students listened to a lesson about Arduino. They listened the lesson with interest which was prepared by a Georgian trainer.
    Group - 1
    Group - 2
    Group - 3
    Group - 4
  • Partnership map