Robert Joseph Pershing Foster

  • First Time Out Of Monroe

    Disregard Month and Date
  • Began College At Morehouse

    Disregard Month and Date
  • Meets Alicee Clement

    Disregard Month and Date
  • Graduated from Morehouse

    Disregard Month and Date
  • Roosevelt Elected for 3rd Term

  • Pearl Harbour

  • First Daughter Born

  • Second Daughter Born

    Disregard the Date
  • Leaves for California

    Disregard Date
  • Robert Arrives To Dr. Beck's

    Disregard the date of the month
  • Heads Back To LA

    Spring Season. Disregard month and day
  • Alice And The Girls Arrive To LA

    Disregard day
  • Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka Ruling

  • Robert Gets First Cadillac

    Disregard month and day
  • Robert Gets Job At Metropolitan Hospital

    Summer Season Disregard month and day
  • Robert Has Third Daughter Joy

    Disregard day
  • Meets And Begins To Treat Ray Charles

  • Ray Chales Names Son After Robert

    Disreagard Day
  • Robert's Brother Dies

    Disregard Day
  • JFK Assasinated

  • Civil Rights Act Signed

  • Dr. Clement Dies of Heart Attack

  • Martin Luther King Shot & Killed

  • Fair Housing Act Signed By Lyndon B. Johnson

  • Robert's Gala in Honor of Himself

  • Alice Dies

  • Rodney King Riots

  • OJ Simpson Trial Verdict

  • Robert Pershing Foster Dies